Winner for January 2005:   
The Mystery Machine


Kristofer Brozio

Ok, this project is 'The Mystery Machine' from Scooby Doo,it was a birthday gift for my children.

Ages 3 and 4.

First a little background: Obviously my kids like Scooby Doo or I wouldn't have done this.

It's not a top-o-the-line speed machine, but for my kids to play childrens games it is fine.

The materials/supplies were bought locally at home improvement/craft stores.

The majority of the work was done with a rotary tool.

The tires were interesting, I could not find the correct size, so I used wooden xmas ornaments that

I altered to work for the project.

Creating the door posed a major problem with Hinge configuration,

and having it close back to where it met the case, I thought of using a regular hinge,

but I figured the thickness of it would impede closing and leave a gap in front of case,

so I decided to go with a 'hidden' hinge, which is actually from an old bi-fold door I removed from

my house during remodeling (I guess it is a good thing I save everything huh?)

This is supposed to be 'cartoony' 70's style, not PERFECT.........

I hand painted the colors on the tires and will be hand painting the designs on the 'van'.

I went with doing it by hand as opposed to template and spraying, for a more 'authentic' less perfect look.

I had to change my plan about the front windshield a bit, I was going to have it slide out with the cd tray,

but it just was not going to work, as Scooby's nose and Daphne's breasts stuck out a little too far,

and it would have been on a slant too much. So I opted to make the windshield two pieces,

a small piece that slides out with the cd tray and the rest is permanantly attached.

I had to actually take apart the cd-rom drive and solder wires to move the switch.

The Left headlight is the power switch and the right is the cd-eject button.... there are leds behind them.

This project took 16 days to complete. And all for my kids!!

You can see the entire worklog on my site