A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse Review

February 19, 2007

Video games have become extremely popular with that comes many companies making specialized products aimed at the gamer market, mice and keyboards that are supposed to help your game out. There are good and bad products, we all know that not all products are created equal, some companies just try and make money off the latest trend by throwing something out to make some more money. Today for review I have one of the better gaming products out there today, our friends at Brando WorkShop have sent us the A4Tech X-750F laser gaming mouse for review, this mouse features a whopping 2500dpi and even includes a 3X fire button that fire three rounds or bursts per click. This mouse is an excellent gaming and all around mouse that I have actually grown very fond of, originally I found it to be a bit too lightweight for my tastes, but after using it I found that I like it very much and I do believe it has helped my gaming out. Read on to check out one of the best gaming mice on the market today…

A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: Brando WorkShop

Tech Specs, Features or the Basic Info:

A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse

Product Code: UGAME000100

A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse comes with the 2500dpi gaming-grade laser engine. You can enjoy ultra precise and smooth operation. Moreover, change the dpi easily with the 6-dpi-shift button. It comes with innovation design 3xFire button – no more double click.

Price: US$46.00


  • -2500dpi Gaming-Grade Laser Engine
  • -Utilizing Agilent 6010 CMOS Chip & High speed 7080 FPS
  • -Stylish mouse design
  • -”3xFire Button” No more double click!
  • -Separately set mouse X/Y axis senility levels
  • -The DPI shift button allows instant adjustments of six sensitivity levels 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500dpi without the need to install driver. Shift from pixel precise aiming to high speed traveling effect.
  • -Safety of Laser product


  • DPI: 2500 dpi
  • FPS: 7080 frames/second
  • DPI Mode: 600-800-1200-1600-2000-2500 dpi
  • SPI: Only need 1 millisecond
  • Max. Acceleration: 20g
  • Image Processing: 6.4 mega pixels/second
  • Max. Speed: 45 inches/second (Depend on surface)

System Requirements:

  • IBM or compatible PC
  • Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP
  • USB port /PS2 Port

Package Contents:

  • A4Tech X-750F Mouse
  • SMART -X 7 CD Drivers
  • USB or PS2 mouse port


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