Check Your Mouse Feet


I guess you could call this a PSA and I’m telling you to check your feet, the feet on your mouse that is. This isn’t an ad or review it’s just something I wanted to post up..

I have the Mionix Naos 5000 and I love it, I use it everyday for everything, regular computing and gaming of course. I switch mousepads every once in a while just to change things up and they do get worn as I like hard surface pads like plastic and I just switched back to my Icemat which is glass actually and I put my mouse down and started using it and it was really loud making basically a scratching sound and I was like hmmm, what’s up with that? I looked at the bottom of the my mouse and noticed the feet were all worm and scraped up so I thought I should do something about that.

I’ve got plenty of spare mouse skates or feet floating around and so I went digging and found a pack of Mad Tape from Xtracpads. (see more info here:



I like this stuff because it’s very thin and it’s not mouse specific, you cut it to the shape you need or you don’t have to even cut it really, you can just slap over the existing feet and it works fine. Me though I like things to look good or relatively good anyway, so I made little templates and traced them onto the tape and cut them out.



Once I was done cutting I stuck them over the existing feet and I have to tell you it was like night and day, going from the old worn feet to the new Mad Tape, I was just like WOW!



I actually really had to get re-accustomed to using the Naos 5000 as it was a totally different experience with new skates on it, it was just amazing really. I just never realized or really thought about the feet on my mouse, I can’t remember the last time I checked them or changed them. Obviously they should have been changed long ago I think, but hey, it’s done now…

So anyway, just a reminder, check your feet, they get worn and they need attention and maintenance just like anything else does.