Enermax AURORA Micro Wireless Keyboard Reviewed

Enermax AURORA Micro Wireless Keyboard Reviewed


So I’ve got my HTPC setup with a
wireless mouse,
Wireless Handheld Keyboard
and even the
GlideTV, but I’m using a corded keyboard which makes like a bit hard
when it comes to distancing myself from the PC. Sure the little EFO
keyboard is nice and all, but not for typing a lot, and really
there’s nothing like having a full sized keyboard at your disposal. A
nice wireless keyboard is the way to go, but it can’t be just any,
it’s got to be rugged, I’ve got kids, and it has to have navigation
functions built-in like a mouse and even some hot keys as well. Yeah
I’m picky, but I think I found the perfect wireless keyboard for your
HTPC or just any PC really, well it’s almost perfect it’s missing one

Today for review I’ve got the Aurora
Micro Wireless Keyboard from Enermax. Not only is this keyboard
stylish and very well made, but it includes a laser trackball so for
an HTPC you won’t have need for a mouse really. The Aurora also has
has several hot keys for launching Media Center, Music, Videos,
Pictures and others, along with basic multi-media functions. I’ve
been using it for a couple weeks now as the only keyboard on my HTPC
setup and I’ve come to truly like it lot. It’s a small sized
keyboard, about the size of that on a laptop, and the keys are
similar, but they are comfortable to type on. Read on to learn





Micro Wireless Keyboard

Author: Kristofer

Sponsor: Enermax


Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Micro Wireless Keyboard

AURORA Micro Wireless is first
wireless compact keyboard featuring total media functionalities. With
integrated trackball, left-right buttons plus scroll-wheel, this
wireless compact keyboard is best solution for using media center and
home theater software. This product won the prestigious “red dot
design award: product design 2009” against 11,000 submissions from
61 countries in 14 categories.


aluminum with diamond cut edges
? the
utmost in keyboard design

RF wireless technology
? up
to 10 meters (30 feet) operating distance

trackball with adjustable resolution (400/800/1200 dpi)
? customize
it to match your needs

saving management
? power
saving mode with on/off switch

mouse left / right keys and scroll wheel
? speed
up navigating through documents and web pages

? Home
+ Email + Search + Volume up + Volume down + Mute+ Play/Pause

MCE remote control
? easily
access Media Center and play TV
or music

-“SCISSORS” key switch
technology (patented): comfortable & responsive typing experience
with 10 million keystroke lifespan

handed grips
? ergonomic
design for easy and firm hold with two hands

wrist rest
? reduce
typing stress & typing errors, while increasing comfort to your

degree angle
? increase
your typing experience

key caps
? shorten
key travel distance and reduce the finger pressure

Vista support
? integrated
Windows Vista Start Button


Model: KB008W-B

Aluminum Treatment: Brushed
Aluminum with Diamond Cut Edges

Wireless Connectivity: 2.4Ghz

Hot Keys: 7 (Home + Email
+Search + Volume Up+ Volume Down +Mute + Play/Pause)

Key Switch: Scissors structure

Key Zone: 1

Trackball Tracking: Laser

Trackball Resolution:

Mouse Function: Left, right
keys and scroll wheel

Power Source: 2 * AA batteries

Color: Black

Dimensions: L319 x W193 x H33
mm (L 12.56” x W 7.60” x H 1.30”)

Weight: 800gs /1.77lbs(without

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Unboxing and Still Pictures:

First up is the unboxing video for

…and here’s bunch of still
pictures as well:

Testing and Comparison:

My HTPC has Windows 7 Home Premium
on I, I plugged the USB dongle in and turned the keyboard on it
worked perfectly and I didn’t even have to pair it either. It
installed automatically in a few seconds.

There are a couple main features
of the Aurora of course, the first being that it’s wireless. I found
the range to be excellent, since it’s radio frequency I could be in
the next room on the other side of the wall and it would work.

The next feature of course is the
laser trackball. The trackball is used in place of your mouse, it’s
located on the right side while there are two button on the left that
are your mouse buttons along with a scroll wheel as well. On the
bottom of the keyboard are hand holds, so you can comfortably hold
the keyboard and use the trackball and mouse buttons with no issues.

The laser trackball also features
three adjustable DPI settings of 400, 800 or 1200. To switch DPI
settings you just hit the function button and then one of the
settings. I’m using my HTPC with my HDTV set at 1080P resolution and
I found that 800DPI is perfect for running across the screen while
retaining accuracy.

trackball works very well though, it’s accurate and doesn’t skip
around as one might expect. Before I received the Aurora for review I
was using a corded
Multi-Media keyboard
that features an optical trackball and many other features that the
Aurora doesn’t have. The big difference though is that the X-Gene is
a full sized keyboard, and of course it’s corded. While I like the
X-Gene keyboard, it’s just a bit too big and it has a cord so I have
no freedom. The features that the X-Gene keyboard has I really
didn’t use anyway so I didn’t miss them expect for one thing it has
back and forward buttons for browsing. I really miss that feature on
the Aurora, other than that though I love it.

The function keys are nice to have
but personally I don’t use them that much, at the blue labels ones on
the keyboard. The special ones at the top I do use like volume and
play/pause for movies and music.

As far as construction and
aesthetics, the Aurora is very nicely made and looks great. The
layout works well, for those familiar with laptops and netbooks it
will be very easy to use, and even if you’re not you’ll still find it

The keys are nice to type on,
again it’s just like a laptop or netbook, but these feel a little bit
higher though, which is good.

There is one other improvement I’d
make to the Aurora besides the addition of the back/forward browser
buttons, well actually two; I’d like to be able to reprogram the keys
and I’d also like to see an on-screen display as well for things like
the volume control.

As is though the Aurora is a great
HTPC keyboard really that I can easily recommend you buying…

and Comments:

The Enermax Aurora is a great
keyboard truly. The built-in laser trackball is a must if you have an
HTPC and the one in the Aurora works perfectly. The addition of the
function and multi-media buttons do add value and usefulness as well.

For an HTPC keyboard, the Aurora
is almost perfect, with the addition of the back and forward buttons
I think it would be the perfect HTPC keyboard really.

Sure you could add the other two
things I mentioned but they aren’t necessary, just things I’d like to

DragonSteelMods gives the Enermax
AURORA Micro Wireless Keyboard a 4.5 out of 5 score and our
Recommended Award as well.


+Very well made

+Easy to use, plug and play

+Small and portable

+Nice to type on

+Excellent tracking with laser

+Adjustable DPI settings


-No Back/Forward buttons

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