Hello Mr. Hacker, Why are You Doing This?


So I just felt the need to post this as I’m just really annoyed right now as I’ve got someone trying to hack this site for whatever reason. He’s been at it since yesterday, doing it very slowly from different IP addresses, about 100 attempts now, every few minutes and it’s just really annoying. The sad thing is that there is no admin account, I deleted it, I mean that’s the first thing you should do for security purposes, so it’s rather pointless that he trying to access this site with the admin account.

So Mr. Hacker, or maybe it’s Ms. Hacker, what do you want? Can you please stop? You’re not getting anywhere as there is no admin account here so you can stop trying now. Can you please let me know what you want?

And by the way, where are you getting these passwords? I mean seriously look at these things:









These are ridiculous, and just weird….

And then there’s another attempt while I’m writing this….

Every attempt is logged, actually I get an email, it sends me the IP login and password they’re using. My question is how are they bypassing the Captcha? I have it enabled for everywhere but they just bypass it.. I don’t get it?!

Oh and there’s another attempt while I’m writing, just cut it out……

I also had another one that I stopped today, 245 attempts in 2 minutes around 1pm, I’m really getting sick of this. That was from someone else though and I figured it out, it was coming from a site in California, apparently someone is using them to try and hack other sites like mine.


Edit: Hey Hacker…Are you stupid or something?  You’re still trying to access the site via the admin account, I’ve told you it doesn’t exist, but yet you’re still trying it.. I don’t get it…