Tmart 8G Classic White USB Flash Drive Review


Ever hear of Tmart? I didn’t until recently when they asked me to review some of their products and they sent me over an 8gb USB flash drive. This drive isn’t any known brand, in fact it’s called the 8G Classic USB Flash Drive White with Grey, which is exactly what it is a white and gray colored 8gb USB flash drive, that name says it all really. The price for this drive is $8.03 and that’s with free shipping so that’s all you pay, is it worth it? Sure I guess, it’s not the fastest drive out there, but it’s not he slowest either. So read on for a quick review of it…



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info


8G Classic USB Flash Drive White with Grey

Are you looking for a unique USB Flash Memory Drive? The USB flash memory drive combines elegance and functionality with an attractive rotating cover that will never get lost. Just plug into your USB port and your computer will immediately detect and configure the disk without restarting your computer. Carry your data in style with the USB flash drive. Transfer data between PCs, notebooks. Perfect for moving files between school, office and home. You can move, save, copy, delete and run files from the USB flash drive. Reliable and practical, this USB flash drive comes to be your best choice!

Easy to read and read in high speed
Plug and play, no external power supply need
Antifouling process, antistatic, dustproof, antimagnetic and high temperature resistance
Small style and fashionable, it can be placed in your bag
This Flash Drive is Shock resistance, damp proof, lighting resistance, antimagnetic
Each time to use u-disk, pls copy the file to computer first
Pls do not format u-disk unless you have to

Drive Capacity: 8GB
USB Interface: USB2.0
Reading Speed: 22MB / sec
Writing Speed: 9MB / sec
Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years
Operating Systems: Win98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, Mac OS 9.X / Linux2.4
Color: White and black
Weight: 0.35oz / 10g
Dimensions: 2.60″ x 0.83″ x 0.39″ / 6.6 x 2.1 x 1cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x 8G Classic USB Flash Drive White with Grey

Price: $8.03 with free shipping





The packaging isn’t special at all, just a zip style bag.

tusb1 tusb2


The drive is white on the top and dark gray on the bottom. The drive is plastic like most are so it’s lightweight and it’s wedge shaped.

tusb3 tusb4


There is a little sticker on the bottom end to indicate the capacity. There’s also a hole there so you can put a key ring or lanyard through to carry it with you.



The cap is removable and sadly you can’t stick it on the back of the drive for safe keeping.

tusb6 tusb7



Installation and Testing


The flash drive does have an LED indicator in it, it’s red and lights solid when plugged in and blinks to indicate activity.



I recently reviewed the Kingston G3 32GB flash drive so I figured I’d just continue on from there and include it and the others in the comparison part of this review. So I have the G3, the Kingston DataTraveler DT150 64gb drive and the OCA Rally2 64Gb drive.



Tests are standard stuff, I used ATTO and Crystal Diskmark to measure their performance.


atto usb white 8gb king150

kingg3atto oczatto

Yes the results are small so


The max speeds they all reached are in order or fastest to slowest:


Kingston DT150: 32696

OCZ Rally2: 32483

Kingston G3: 20491

Tmart 8gb: 19533

According to the specs for this drive it should hit 22mb/s, and it doesn’t quite do that, but it’s close to the Kingston G3.



OCZ Rally2: 16549

Kingston G3: 15829

Kingston DT150: 15152

Tmart 8gb: 9202

Specs for write speed say this drive should hit 9mb/s and it does, and it goes every so slightly over. So that’s good there.


So here’s the Crystal DiskMark results:


crystal usb white 8gb kingdtdiskmark

kingg3diskmark oczdiskmark


In this test the Tmart flash drive is actually a little faster, but still doesn’t hit the rated speed for read.




Summary and Comments


This drive from Tmart isn’t the fastest drive out there and it’s not the slowest either, but for the price it’s not bad I think.

For basically $8 you get 8gbs of storage in a small portable device.

Read speeds are slightly lower than spec but more than fast enough to play HD video from the drive if you want.

The write speeds are kind of slow, but that doesn’t mater much to me honestly as I’m not in that big of a hurry, but the speeds are slightly above the stated specs which is a good thing.

The drive is plastic and it’s lightweight, most flash drive out there today are plastic so it’s no surprise there. Overall it seems durable enough and supposedly it’s antistatic, dustproof, antimagnetic, resistant to high temperatures, and even damp proof (whatever that means I’m not sure).

So if you’re looking for inexpensive storage this isn’t too bad…





DragonSteelMods gives the  8G Classic USB Flash Drive White with Grey a 4.5 out of 5 score.







+Decent speeds for the price


+Durable according to specs



-Didn’t really hit the rated speeds




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