USB Digital Thermo Clock With Air Purifier Review

January 3, 2007

Depending on your work environment, the air might not be as clean as you think, you could get one of those large expensive air purifiers, but they take up lots of space, or you could get a USB powered one from Brando WorkShop that is also a clock and thermometer as well. So today for review I have the USB powered Digital Thermometer Clock with built in Air Purifier from our friends at Brando WorkShop. This thing is tiny, and can purify the air in up to a 100 square foot room or office so you can breathe easier with some nice clean fresh air. So let’s jump right on into this review to look at this nifty little device a bit further…

USB Digital Thermo Clock With Air Purifier Review

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor:  Brando WorkShop

Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

USB Digital Thermo Clock With Air Purifier

Product Code: ULIFE005800

USB Digital Thermo Clock With Air Purifier is a well designed combo for your desk. It combines a digital clock, a thermometer and an air purifier. It shows the date, time, and the indoor temperature. The air purifier with negative ion delivery style helps to remove impurities in the air, and the glowing LED light gives you a good light show in the dark.


With AC Adapter – US$36.00

Without AC Adapter – US$30.00


  • Digital temperature alarm clock
  • Air purifier function power by USB connection
  • Calendar display with ”hour, minute, day of the week, month and day”
  • ”Bi Bi” alarm sounds around 30 seconds
  • Hour reminding: ”Beep” sound per hour
  • Temperature auto detect per 10 seconds, range 0 to 50 degree
  • Backlight: turn on the back light by pressing down the body
  • 3 colour of LED soft light
  • Power by 5 pieces of AG13 button cells. (3 pieces for backlight, 2 pieces for clock)
  • Dimension: 88x81x84mm
  • Weight: 169g

Air Purifier Specifications:

  • Power: DC 5V +/-5%
  • Electric current: 30mA
  • Power Source: Standard PC USB Type A port
  • Neg Ion Delivery: 20000(ion/cc)
  • Recommended area: 9 square meter (100 sq. ft)
  • LED: 3mm R.G.B LED

Package Contents: 

  • USB Digital Thermo Clock With Air Purifier
  • USB Cable
  • With or without AC adapter


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