2016 Photography Trends: What’s New and What’s Coming


Design and photography go hand-in-hand. Very often designers also work as photographers, as it’s crucial to have a good eye for photography when you plan to incorporate it into your design work. Let’s see what the newest photography trends of 2016 are.

While we all continue admiring stunning photography in our everyday lives via social media, there appears an absolutely new level of sophistication and understanding of what actually makes a wonderful photograph. Today we’ve decided to avoid the standard compositions of muted adventure photography. Instead, we’re looking for and select the moments that allow us to feel a better connection with the genuine people, community, a slightly different use of color (that includes intriguing pastels and balanced color palettes), as well as new birth of film.

One of the coolest features of today’s photography is HDR (high dynamic range) that allows getting the highest quality of photos. Special HDR software, like the one offered by Aurora HDR, can help you make your photos more vivid and impressing. This software has everything other HDR photo editors are missing.

What older trends are still popular?

The basic artistic element, light is still experimented with and attracts us with sun rays, geometric shadows, cascading lines or triangles from a window blind. The aim was to get tired states & double exposures, as well as the silhouettes mixed with landscapes. Now it’s more than just that: there appear light leak effects and layering colors are added.


What were popular photography trends that are not popular in 2016?

Some trends were lost in the past. These are: honey being drizzled on food, photos of people standing with their back in front of the camera watching the landscapes, backgrounds with wood planks, and so on.

The experts are still arguing about black & white: whether it’s a thing of the past or a timeless classic. Actually, this trend has been changing a lot during the last 10 years. At the very beginning people thought, they need color for the marketing purposes to grab attention. That was the time when black& white was appreciated more in the world of art photography, rather than in design. In 2016 it becomes evident that black &white photography is being sold equally as good as color photography. People love seeing all types of artistic compositions.

Neons and other color trends

This year neon is still trendy, especially the lovely 35 mm light leaks. A wide range of other beautiful colors and wonderful pastel tones are continuing to inspire in all genres of photography


Instagram-style filters

Today we can hardly imagine our lives without documenting everything we do with the help of a smartphone. And although there are very few people who use the default Instagram presets, it is still known as the main hub for sharing. Photographers continue to look for filters that are more and more sophisticated and true to a film and a real life.

Motion in Photography

You can still find many harsh motion captures made with an abrasive flash. These shots are literal, gritty, and at the same time, these make you feel a part of the moment.

Check out this amazing photo gallery that demonstrates trendy photography: https://aurorahdr.com/photo-gallery