3 Ways Elo Boosting Can Help Your Game Performance


League of Legends, also known as LoL, is one of the most popular third-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games that ever came into existence. With its stunning 3D graphics and a wide range of champions with their own unique set of abilities, it is no wonder why this game continues to be well-loved by millions of online gamers from all over the world.


For beginners, becoming an elite player might take a long while. They will need to play a total of 300 to 400 games, most of which should be victories, in order to reach the maximum summoner level of 30. This feat is impossible to achieve overnight and will definitely require a lot of time and patience from the players. Fortunately, getting to the top is now a walk in the park if you avail of Elo boosting services. The concept of Elo boosting is simple and straightforward; you discuss your goals with a very professional elite gamer (or the booster) and you’ll let him or her play on your account to increase your rank.


For high-quality, fast, and secure Elo boosting, trust only Elitist Gaming, the number one professional gaming service provider. Only one highly skilled player will be assigned to play on your account to ensure that its security is not compromised. Check out these top 3 ways Elo boosting can help your game performance in League of Legends and start owning your opponents in an overpowering fashion.


1. Increase your rank and unlock exciting features.

Reaching the maximum summoner level is probably the primary goal of every League of Legends player. And in order to achieve this, a player must compete in approximately 350 matches lasting an average of 30 to 40 minutes per game. Even without doing the math, getting to level 30 surely requires a lot of time and patience. In Elo boosting, elite gamers will help you win every match for higher XP (experience points) payouts. Increasing your rank will also mean that you can gain and unlock additional rune slots, rune tiers, mastery points, game modes, summoner spells, loot, and champion masteries.


2. Join higher leagues and divisions.

Another perk of hiring an elite booster to play on your account is that you can climb up into higher leagues and divisions without a sweat. The league system of League of Legends, which is based on the skill level of the players, is comprised of seven tiers with the five lower ones further subdivided into five divisions each. The advantages of being in a higher league are probably great-looking profiles, a chance to compete with the best LoL players, and a more exciting set of rewards in season enders.


3. Master the game.

While an elite booster is playing on your account, you may still spectate the games using online scouters or on your smurf account (a second low-level account by the same player). By watching these matches, you can learn a lot of new strategies from elite gamers including how to play a champion of your choice and how to dominate on your preferred role (support, carry, jungle, middle, and top).