3 Ways to Make Playing League of Legends Interesting


Games are fun, but it can turn out annoying if you do it continuously. After the boredom kicks in, people rarely engage the game again. Instead, they start looking for alternatives.

I see many people online wondering how they can revive their love for League of Legends. Most of them complain that they no longer feel the urge to play the game as initially. When they ask their fellow gamers, it seems that they also seem to lack solutions to this problem.

If you are one of those people who is looking for ways to resuscitate the joy of playing the game, here are a few pointers that you could use. You will ignore all the negative comments after you read this.

1.  Compete with friends and other players

Loners will kill me when they hear this. If you enjoy playing alone, you know the fun that comes with that. Nobody will ever take the pad from you when you lose, never. However, you should try playing the game with friends who are enthusiastic as you are.

Let me start by saying that friends, or people that you care for, help to create a positive environment during playtime. When you are alone, and Velgar, one of the bad guys in the game, seems to have a hand on you, it stresses you. In fact, you become disengaged if you cannot win at all.

Therefore, it is healthy to call your friends occasionally. Compete against each other. For example, team up and play against other colleagues. The game also encourages individuals to take time to know other friends before they can start playing.

2. Engage in betting

Well, if you think that your friends are as bored as you are, go a notch higher. Try something new like league of legends betting. Some of you think that betting is scary. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful engagement.

According to rivalry, 1600 players walked away with a good fortune in last year’s competition. It was a total sum of over $12,000,000. Now, how does this make the game fun? You will make money from something that you love. You also have an opportunity to choose your favorite champions, who come from different parts of the world.

A good strategy to know the best champions to bet on is to do prior research before you place any bet. You will identify the strengths and weaknesses of every one of them. For instance, champions will defeat certain colleagues, while they are beaten by others who are better than they are.

3. Enjoy Live streaming

By now, you think that it takes too much to get the intimacy back. However, do not give up. Experts say that it would be good to take breaks sometimes. Remember the saying, “Too much of something is poisonous.” At least try to minimize playing and give it a break of a few days.

One way to take a break is to watch live streaming games online. In other words, watch other people get smacked. You will be at a significant advantage once you get back to the battlefield. For instance, now you get the opportunity to learn new tactics, which can be great to show off when you are competing against your friends.

Find a community of people who also have the same passion as you. For instance, Reddit is a place where people post videos, share insights about the game, and cheats that you would have never gotten if you never joined such a forum.