4 Hints to Using Windows 10


Advancement of technology has also made upgrades on everything easier and easy to use. One of the great advancements is the development of Windows 10 to use on both mobile devices and personal computers. The Windows 10 OS has so many advantages and benefits as the latest version, one of them being that it is fast and compatible with all devices. It is also easy to use compared to other complex operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu, these require good background knowledge to operate and can be challenging to a newbie. However, Windows 10 can also be frustrating to use without good guidance and proper installation. This is especially true when the windows startup menu fails to function while using the mouse and you are forced to use the keyboard. If such is the case, here are some helpful hints if your windows 10 start menu is not working:

  1. Restart the device. This is basically the first and the most convenient way of dealing with a systems failure on any program or operating system. Windows 10 can fail to function due to being left on for long hours or being overworked and the operating system ends up hanging. To deal with such a problem, you should first of all reboot your device by clicking on the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons simultaneously and choosing sign out option from the menu. Once you sign out the device will restart and you need to enter your password as you log in again.
  1. Create a new user account. This is the second step that you should take once the problem persists after re-logging. This is when the first account crushes and the only way to fix it is by creating a new account. You can do this by right clicking on the taskbar, choose on the task manager, on the file drop down menu, and click on the run new task. You will need to type in PowerShell and run it as the new task with administrative privileges. After this you will type in a different user and add on a new password. Once done, you will restart the computer and have Windows running again.
  1. Reinstall sound and video cards drivers. This could be another great cause of the Windows 10 failure. In order to solve this type of problem, you need to pressing the Windows and X button simultaneously, you can choose the device manager option, double click on the sound, video and game controllers option, uninstall it from the properties menu and reboot the system to have Windows 10 functioning again.
  1. Uninstalling or disabling third-party anti-virus. This can be another major cause to the normal working and functioning of Windows 10. To deal with such a problem, you should ensure that Windows Defender is on from the settings and close the virus and threat protection. The real time protection should be on and you can left click on the third-party anti-virus to disable it.

Windows 10 is easy to use and fast to fix in case of a malfunction.