6 Software Programs Every SEO Needs to Know About


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a reliable and effective way of increasing traffic to your website. It provides maximum online exposure to your brands by making your company’s products and services more accessible to internet consumers from all over the world. Search engine optimization is, however, a continuous process and not just a one-time task. It entails ample understanding and the use of proper strategies in order to adapt to changes in search algorithms and challenges from different competitors. Dominate With SEO, a top search engine specialist, has mastered all of that. It excels in providing high search engine ranking to your page and in driving more sales and exposure to your business.


An effective search engine optimization campaign is built upon a combination of a specialist’s extensive SEO knowledge, ability to adapt to changes, experience, and of course the right tools to assist in the completing the tasks. Here are the top 6 software programs every SEO professional should know about.


Content Checker

Recommended Software: Outdated Content Finder


Providing high-quality content for your website is considered as the most important aspect of an effective SEO campaign. Nobody wants to read the same content over and over again as people are always looking for fresh and innovative ideas. But coming up with a new and unique idea every day is undeniably challenging for most content writers. It is, therefore, important not only to write entertaining and up-to-date information but also to employ search engine optimization.


Outdated Content Finder is a free content checker that can be used to search old content using a related search term. You may take on old ideas from popular pages and modernize them to attract more web traffic.


Keyword Analyzer

Recommended Software: Term Explorer


Keyword research and analysis through various search engines is not as difficult as it is today. Although there are tools readily available to the public, they only provide a volume of data. An SEO expert will then need to process these data in order to increase its effectiveness in boosting your page’s search rank.


Term Explorer not only provides you with search volumes that you can use to expand your keyword database but it also gives you an idea of how a keyword competes in the ranking.


Backlink Tools

Recommended Software: SEO PowerSuite


Link building is an important technique of increasing page traffic by linking your website on another website. SEO PowerSuite is a multi-purpose software that generates a list of prospects wherein you can link your page with. It allows you to view an off-site’s value and to contact the website directly from the same program.


Administration Program

Recommended Software: SEO Administrator


SEO Administrator is a versatile and powerful program used to optimize and to promote your website. It includes a range of tools including Site Analyzer, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Page Rank Analyzer, Link Exchange Tool, Ranking Monitor Utility, and so much more.


Social Media Tool

Recommended Program: SheerSEO


Social media is an important element in increasing your brand’s online presence as well as the website traffic. SheerSEO gives you the power to control over your company’s social media accounts in just a single platform.


Search Ranking Tool

Recommended Program: Advanced Web Ranking


Advanced Web Ranking is an all-around software for all your SEO related needs. It allows you to track your page’s performance online and lets you determine what works best for an SEO campaign. It is also equipped with tools to monitor your competitors’ progress and to provide social media and traffic reports.



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