Are the Prizes Changing in Slots Online as I Alter My Bet?

Over the last couple of decades it would be a complete and utter lie to say that there has been any other gambling game that has enjoyed nearly as much success as the online slots world. Seriously, these infectious online slot machines just keep getting better and better as the years go by, with developers such as Just For The Win, Big Time Gaming, Play N GO and NetEnt all consistently smashing it out of the park with their new online slot games at Wizard Slots.

Their work hasn’t gone unnoticed either, because recent gambling statistics indicate the in just a matter of years online slot gambling will be responsible for over half of all gambling revenue worldwide. That’s pretty insane, isn’t it? And it just puts it completely in perspective! Have you ever wondered whether the prizes are changing when you alter your bets playing slots? We’re going to explore this topic below, so keep reading for more! 

Different types of slot prize 

Okay, before we go too deep into the question of whether the prizes change in slots online when you alter your bet, we’re first just going to explore some of the most common types of slot prize available. Oh yes, as seasoned slot gamblers will know, there are a few different types of slot prize available nowadays, here are a few: 

  •         Cash jackpot: Over the years it has been the cash jackpot prize that has ended up exciting the most gamblers, something that is largely down to cult-classic progressive jackpot slots like the Las Vegas Megabucks.
  •         Multiplier jackpot: Multiplier jackpots are the most common things to find in the modern online slot world. With these slot prizes gamblers are awarded a multiplier which then multiplies their wager.
  •         Free spins: Not all slot prizes are based on money! Quite often you can win a number of free spins as a slot prize, and gamblers love this because they can then use it to try and win more slot prizes.

Are the prizes changing in slots online as I alter my bet? 

So, are the prizes changing in slots online as I alter my bet? It really all depends on the type of game you are playing at the end of the day. When playing some games with fixed jackpots it doesn’t matter if your bets are changing, you will still only be able to win the jackpot at the end. This is also true of progressive jackpot slots too. 

In the field of multiplier jackpots, however, the prizes certainly change as you alter your bet, and that’s because the prize comes in the form of a multiplier on your bet. So, if you bet £10 instead of £15 and won with a 100x multiplier it would mean that you would receive back £1000 in winnings, instead of £1500. That’s quite the difference isn’t it, and it is a clear reason why you should always be wary of how much you bet on a multiplier slot.