Cooler Master Hyper TX CPU Cooler (Intel 775)


Cooler Master is known for their excellent quality and great performing products, the Cooler Master product I have for review today is no different. I have the Hyper TX CPU cooler (Intel 775 edition) up on the block for testing and I can tell you I was amazed by the performance of this cooler, it is not only extremely quiet but performs like no other air cooler I have tested to date. Read on to see just how well the Hyper TX performs…


Cooler Master Hyper TX CPU Cooler (Intel 775)

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: Cooler Master


Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “Less is more”? Cooler Master has achieved just that. From the popular Hyper 6 series comes the Hyper TX series. This new cooler is not only more silent, with a smaller fan, but it also uses less heatpipes to provide better , more stable cooling solution. For the Hyper TX series, we provide two coolers supporting AMD AM2 and Intel Core 2 Dual.

Hyper TX has a copper base and aluminum heat sink with three embedded heat pipes so it achieves excellent heat dissipation. It is suitable for instant assembly/disassembly without removing the motherboard. The special fan duct leads the airflow and helps to cool down the surrounding components simultaneously. In addition, Hyper TX is a silent CPU cooler at only 16dBA. The 90mm silent fan with special fan blades and frame design inhales huge airflow just as a 100mm fan would while saving you space.. The shockproof design reduces the friction between the fan and the fins, giving you the best silent cooling solution you expect from Cooler Master



Compatible with The Latest CPU

Comprehensive Cooling Solution

– Unique air flow design cools CPU and its surrounding components

Silent Operation

– Unique fan blade design and multi-air inlet design – Shockproof design


Easy Installation: 

Compatible with Intel socket Core 2 Duo

90 mm fan blade and frame design produces greater airflow as 100 mm fan



Heat Sink Dimension 90 x 44 x 136.5 mm

Heat Sink Material Cu Base + Al Fin + 3 Heat pipes

Fan Dimension 92*25 mm

Fan Speed 650 ~ 1800 rpm

Fan Air flow 41.76 CFM

Fan Life Expectancy 40,000 hrs

Bearing Type Long life bearing

Noise Level 22 dBA

Fan speed adjustment By loading PWM mode


A Better Look at Things


Ok, so of course the first thing we look at is the packaging, the Hyper TX comes in an easy open plastic clamshell. The Cooler Master Hyper TX is displayed prominently, the packaging allows for viewing the Hyper TX almost entirely. The front has some basic features listed, while the back lists the specs.


Opening the package up we don't find much, just the cooler and a small instruction sheet. The Hyper TX come pre-applied with thermal compound as well as the CPU socket mount being pre-attached. The Hyper TX, honestly looks kinda cool, as far as CPU coolers are concerned anyway, the Hyper TX has a plastic shroud that covers the aluminum fins to which the fan is mounted with silicone sound dampening, anti vibration 'screws'.


The fan is another interesting looking part of the Hyper TX, it's nine bladed design is made for optimal airflow and cooling. The frame of the fan is an open air design allowing for exceptional airflow to fan and CPU cooler itself. The shroud that covers the aluminum fins has what looks like a skirt on its' back side, this is use to divert some of the air coming through the fins down onto the components near the CPU socket.


A Better Look at Things


The entire shroud is smoke colored and almost totally see through. The shroud of the Hyper TX is made of plastic but it is semi-pliable, but still care should be taken when handling.


The shroud essentially just sits on the cooler, it is attached with small clips in three places, the top and one on each side near the bottom. The heatpipes terminate through the top of the cooler, and there is a cut out in the shroud for them to come through. The Cooler Master logo can be seen on the top of the Hyper TX between the tops of the heatpipes.


The CPU socket bracket is attached with two screws through the base, it is the standard twist and click style 775 socket connectors.

Since Cooler Master pre-applied the thermal paste to the base of the heatsink, we can't get a real detailed look at the finish on it, but from what I can see it appears to be fairly well done, not perfect, but I have seen worse.

Here are a few more shots of the base of the heatsink.



My first impression of the Cooler Master Hyper TX was just how lightweight it is, for its size it weighs about as much, if not less than the stock Intel CPU cooler, mind you I didn't weigh them in exact comparison either. Cooler Master could have took the easy way out and just stuck the fan right onto the heatsink fins but they went a bit farther, with the shroud, to not only make the Hyper TX do more than cool the CPU, but also look better and be quieter.


Installation, Testing and Comparison

The installation process is very easy, it is so nice not to have to remove the motherboard from the case to install a CPU cooler. If you've used the Intel stock cooler, then you can install the Cooler Master Hyper TX with no problems.

The Hyper TX offers lots of clearance, I had no problems with the Hyper TX hitting any component on my motherboard, as i have had with some coolers. The Hyper TX actually seemed to install easier than other coolers, the clips just seemed to turn and lock in place easier, maybe it's just my imagination…

Well with no problems for the installation, let's see how it does in testing. For testing I am using my ASUS P5WD2-E Premium motherboard with an Intel P4 Cedar Mill 631 CPU running at stock of 3.0Ghz. Of course I'm going to have to see if I can get a bit of overclocking in as well, and we'll see how the Hyper TX handles the heat. Ambient temperature during testing was approximately 27C, idle temperature was measured after letting the system sit idle for approximately 30 minutes, while load was achieved running Prime 95 for the same time duration.


Of course I threw in some other coolers for comparison.

I have to say that I am completely amazed by the performance of the Hyper TX, the Thermalright SI-128 was the best I have seen so far for air cooling, but not now, it was beat by quite a bit by the Cooler Master Hyper TX.


I am also amazed by just how quiet the Hyper TX is, even during overclocking I had to up the voltage to 1.4v to get the CPU stable, from the stock 1.275.


I can happily report that the Hyper TX will be remaining in my system for some time to come.





In Summary, one word: WOW! I guess I have to say a bit more than that tough, but that about sums up my thoughts on the Cooler Master Hyper X. I could say that it is extremely quiet and looks great, I could also say that it is designed well and is extremely lightweight, but I'll end this with:


DragonSteelMods gives the Cooler Master Hyper TX (775) a 5 out of 5 and our Editor's Choice Award as well.



-Excellent performance

-Extremely quiet

-Looks great

-Well designed





I would like to thank Cooler Master for the chance to review their products.