DragonSteelMods is on FaceBook and YouTube!


Yes we are on FaceBook! We’ve actually been on FaceBook for quite some time but I just never really did anything with it, but now I’m updating it and adding more content. Slowly but surely I will be adding everything to our FaceBook page. I’ve added several reviews already along with a lot of pictures and more to come. So yes DragonSteelMods is on FaceBook, so head on over and like us! I’ll be adding more and more each day actually, so I started with the newest reviews for now, but I’m going to go back and start adding the old ones you may have missed..  We are also on YouTube, but that’s a combination channel for all of my sites and personal stuff as well, so you can stop by and check out unboxing videos and such over there. I also fixed our RSS link, we’re now using Feedburner, icons or links to all three are over on the right side as well..