Eagle Tech Neptor Foldable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Review @ TestFreaks


It’s another new review by me over on TestFreaks… this time it’s a portable Bluetooth keyboard and it’s not bad, it’s 12 inches long when opened up so it’s not one of those tiny ones you see all the time, it’s actually much more usable. This one is well made and looks good.. check out the review when you get a chance..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-eagle-tech-neptor-foldable-portable-bluetooth-keyboard/

"I know many people still hate the on-screen keyboard on their devices, with tablets it has become easier but it still isn’t the same as a regular hardware keyboard that’s for sure. Many companies have come out with solutions to this problem and Eagle Tech is one of them with their recent launch of the Neptor ET-KB300BF-WH foldable Bluetooth portable keyboard which I have for review today. This keyboard is very stylish with leather inlays on the back of it, and of course it folds up to a small and portable size so you can just put it in your case or bag to take with you as needed. The keyboard is Bluetooth and I’ve found it works with most devices, it has built-in rechargeable battery that should give you up to thirty hours of use on a single charge. When folded it’s about six inches long and then doubled when unfolded, so it’s not exactly tiny like other keyboards of this type on the market today, which is one of the things I like about it, it’s a nice big keyboard for usability purposes but not too big as to be overly bulky. So read on to learn more… "