EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Easy Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

Many people have accidentally deleted files accidentally. If they are hard disk files, they still have a chance to recover from the recycle bin. However, if they are files on the memory card, they have to rely on file recovery software to help them. I recommend you a free file recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, it can easily retrieve lost files and complete restore, convenient and easy to use, if your file is accidentally deleted, quickly use this software to help you find your files.

I show you this memory card that has been deleted . There have been store all kinds of photos.  But now it’s blank. There is no file. The files deleted from the memory card do not go through the recycle bin, so it’s useless to recovery them from recycle bin. Then open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and start scanning directly after selecting the device . During the scan, the system performance will be used extensively. In order to find the file as soon as possible, I recommended to let the computer focus scanning during the scan to ensure that the files can be retrieved.


In the scanning process, there are two kinds of quick scan results and deep scan results on the interface, but I suggest that we do a full scan to find more complete and in-depth documents. If you have to use a computer in the process, you can stop scanning at any time.

The scan was completed, but what surprised me was that the photos I had taken with other cameras were actually found. I remember that the memory card was formatted before , the photos were still there!But first, let me see if these pictures can be read. Take a preview, you can really see the original pictures. After the recovery, you can restore the file to the place you want to store. It’s really too great.Looking at the picture, it’s really the original picture. It’s completely restored!

At first, I just wanted to recover the deleted files, but now even the formatted photos can be found. It is really strong enough, but in order to prove the scanning ability, the preview photos just deleted have to be recovered. Proof: Nothing can’t be found, it’s really easy to use.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a free and paid version, free version can restore the 2GB file, then have to pay, but if you just want to find a few files, the free version has enough of you; if you want to restore a lot of documents, has been proved to be believed EaseUS memory card recovery software strong recovery ability!