Eets: Hunger. Its Emotional Review


Considering that the big thing now is first person shooters and MMORPGs, a lot of the little cool games get passed over and don’t get much press. Eets fits into the category of puzzle games, very cute puzzle games, Eets is also considered an ‘Indie’ game. There are so many aspects to Eets that I could make this review huge, but I can say that once I started playing Eets a few hours quickly went by. So if you are looking for a game that is a bit off the popular genre and really addictive, then you might want to read on to learn more, I’ve got lots of screen shots for you check out as well…


Eets: Hunger. It’s Emotional

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio AkA Dracos

Sponsor: VGSmart

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Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Tons of quirky characters.

You’ve never seen creativity like this!

Eets is easy to pick up, and features tons of unique, crazy characters. Prankster Whales, Superpigs, Radioactive Ginseng… we have them all!

A whole bunch of puzzles!

Our puzzles are easy to play, but hard to master. We’ve got over 100 puzzles built-in, with enough for every type of player!

Installation, Testing and Gameplay:

Well since this isn’t a game you can buy in the stores (yet…?!) there are no cool box shots you you, you just need to go to the Eets website and download the game, you can also get a trial version as well.

There really isn’t a big splash title screen, once installed the game will verify that you bought it by calling back to the site and checking your key. Once done you are greeted with the main screen where you can enter your name and continue on. You’ll notice there are two main option Play and Puzzle Maker.

At the main menu there isn’t many options to really choose from, clicking the options button gives you the chance to change resolution, full screen or windowed mode and turn the lighting on of off (leave it on, it looks much cooler).

There is a Bonus Features menu that has three choices in it, the first allows you to check out the sounds in Eets.

The second is a commentary from the creator of Eets.

The third would be the credits.

Moving into the game itself by clicking ‘Play’ you are greeted with your first level which is a tutorial level, I highly suggest you play it to learn all about Eets. Here we are also greeted by Warren the Wise your guide. (he’s a marshmallow by the way)

In the course of the game you will get to see the puzzle map where you can see your progress or revisit areas.

Each puzzle is broken down into many sections, so it is like playing a bunch of mini games actually.

In the tutorial we learn the object of the level and basically the game, we need to collect the puzzle pieces.

There are three Marshmallow Buds that you will find in the game, angry, scared and happy. Each Bud affects Eets in a different way. We find that Eets will blindly walk and fall off of cliffs etc unless you feed him a Scared Marshmallow Bud, then he will turn around at the edge.

You can also gets hints in the game to help you out by clicking the ‘Hint’ button.

In Eets, you really don’t control the Eets, he walks around by himself, when you start a level you need to place the objects around in the place where you think they need to be, then you click play and Eets does the rest and you can find out if you did things right or not.

The Puzzle piece is the object of every level, you need this to advance on, Eets gets much harder as the game goes on.

The Happy Marshmallow Bud changes Eets emotion to happy and when you feed it to him he will take short jumps.

The last Marshmallow Bud is the Angry on, it allows Eets to jump very far.

When you finish the level you are greeted with a nice ‘You Did It!’ screen and a status of how many pieces you need to collect yet.

I’m not going to go into the first level but things do get harder as time goes on, you will run into many, many weird creatures that do some wild things.

In the game you can pause and an options menu pops up where you have several choices.

One thing cool is there is a Puzzle Creator included so you can make your own levels, doing this is pretty easy.

You start with a blank screen and you can add pieces wherever you like, it is all done by dragging and dropping, very easy…

I can see a hint of anime in the graphics of Eets, which is cool I love anime. The graphics themselves are actually very good, and the game is only a 20mb download from the site.

Game play can be a bit on the tedious side, but most puzzle games are aren’t they? Having the ‘Hint’ button is very useful, if you are stuck it will give you one hint as to where to place an item to help you along. As you get further into the game you have many pieces to place in various spots, I found that there is more than one way to complete the levels.


As I mentioned earlier after I installed Eets I found myself playing it for hours, it is very addictive. I think one of the reasons I played on for so long was to find out what cool and weird objects and levels I would find next.


The things in Eets are very creative and imaginative and very different, like pigs that shoot super pigs out of their rears to help you, or whales that can shoot you around the level. I really like the anime feel of the graphics, and while it does look cutesy it really is a good game, look at Mario Bros., that had a cutesy feel and look to it but yet it was extremely popular and has survived through many incarnations.

I have to say Eets is one of the most imaginative and fun games I have seen or played in a long time, I find myself clicking the Eets icon quite a few times a day to play some more.

DragonSteelMods gives Eets a 5 out of 5 score.

I would like to thank TriSynergy for giving me the chance to review Eets.