Fire vs Ice with Kingdom Rise

The idea of fire and ice coming together to do battle is something that has been around for centuries. One of Robert Frost’s most popular pieces of work is actually a poem called Fire and Ice which discusses the end of the world, with the elements prevailing over humanity. With its heat and power, the fire represents desire, whereas the harshness of ice is likened to hate. There’s also an illustrated novel named Fire and Ice and, which was later turned into a movie in 1983, depicting an epic high fantasy adventure, dominated by the two opposing elemental figures.



The much-loved Kingdoms Rise franchise hasn’t shied away from getting their slice of the blazing heat and sharp cold action. As you look through your favorite site for a great casino online experience, and their amazing catalogue of Slots, you’ll surely come across a desert-themed adventure game, as well as a frozen over set of reels. So, why not pit these two against each other, and see which will win you more?

Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury

Find your place between the heroes and villains as you travel across five action-packed reels, set deep inside those sandy plains. Arm yourself and prepare to do battle, with a whole host of ways to bag that win.

As you enter the scene, there are a selection of fearsome characters who offer out a variety of payouts, some of them reaching as high as 150x your first bet. You should expect these kinds of payouts from three or more of the following symbols:

· The Sorcerer

· The Gladiator

· The Queen

· The Warrior

· The Reptile

You can also find these icons as wilds on the reels, their worth now boosted up to 250 coins per combination. The lower paying symbols are represented by various coloured gems, with a top payout of 20x your first wager.

Collect coins as you spin and save them up, as once you go to the game’s shop area, you’ll get the chance to buy your way into special features and bonus games, such as The Queen’s Ritual Bonus and Wild Beast Re-spins. Alternatively, when a wild character icon lands on a regular symbol of the same image, the Five Wild Fury re-spin round will be triggered.

Kingdom’s Rise: Reign of Ice

Switch your shorts and flip flops for a thick puffer coat and a pair of sturdy boots, as we switch our journey to the colder climates. Your gameplay will take place over five icy frozen reels, with 25 paylines to try your luck on!

The symbols in this game only add to the excitement as you hope for a win on the reels. The wild symbol is represented by a glittering blue crystal which can only be found on the third, fourth and fifth reels. As well as this, a hammer symbol will act as a wild on the second reel. The towering Barbarian figure will deliver savage rewards of up to 300 coins, whereas 250x your wager will be coming your way when the tough Valkyrie symbol fills any payline. You’ll find a whole host of dangerous weapons at your disposal, with the chance to win up to 125x your bet. The rest of the places are filled with gems of various colors, some of them being worth as much as 75 coins!

Forget the standard blue crystal wild, it’s the ice hammer secondary wild that you want to be looking out for. This can be freed from the hard ice by the Barbarian or the Valkyrie symbol. Once released, the hammers can be collected and used to trigger re-spins.