Genius Announces the GX Gaming SW-G5.1 3500 Surround Speaker System

A good set of speakers is a must have if you use your computer for more than just work. Personally my main computer is used for gaming and multimedia including music and videos of course. I did a review a couple years ago of a Hercules set and I like them, but sadly the rear speakers recently died on me and I need a new set and I think these ones from GX Gaming might work well. The SW-G5.1 3500 surround sound speaker system has everything you need to have a decent audio setup for your computer or maybe even for your home theater. The set has an MSRP of $149.99 so it’s not exactly expensive and I think it’s worth it to enjoy your games and media. Full PR and pictures below for you…


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Genius today is pleased to announce that the first GX Gaming Series 5.1 surround sound speaker system is now available in USA – the SW-G5.1 3500.
Raising the GX Gaming Series to a new sonic level, this 80 watt RMS speaker system includes a 6.5-inch subwoofer providing 30 watts of heart-thumping bass, five 10 watt satellite speakers for positional audio, and a remote control for convenient volume and bass adjustment. With the hook design, the satellite speakers of the SW-G5.1 3500 can be hung on walls, helping to maximize the surround sound experience.
The 5.1 surround sound setup of the SW-G5.1 3500 gives gamers an advantage in first person shooter games by allowing them to pinpoint enemy locations by sound alone. Gaming on regular stereo speakers only allows users to discern between right and left. The 5.1 sound enables gamers to listen to opponents’ footsteps from all surrounding directions.
The audio from the 3-inch satellite speakers of SW-G5.1 3500 complement the deep, rich bass of the subwoofer pounding out frequencies as low as 50Hz. Users can adjust sound and bass from the control panel on the subwoofer as well as the remote control. Control options also include a STANDBY and an AUX/5.1 CH switch function, which enables users to flip between gaming and music listening.
On the front of the subwoofer above the LED indicator there is a headphone and microphone jack for private listening and chatting while gaming, as well as offering a quick way to connect MP3 players and smartphones to the speaker system. The rear of the subwoofer includes more connections, increasing the flexibility of the SW-G5.1 3500. On the back there are three RCA jacks with 5.1 CH color coding as well as an additional AUX 3.5mm input.
Offering booming bass, crisp middle to high range sound, and the flexibility to connect to gaming, music, and other entertainment devices, the SW-G5.1 3500 surround sound speaker system epitomizes the high-quality that the GX Gaming Series represents in a louder more versatile design.
Genius SW-G5.1 3500, is now available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of $149.99.

Technical Specifications:

  • Total output power: 80 watts
    • Satellite: 10 watts (each channel)
    • Subwoofer: 30 watts
  • Driver unit
    • Satellite: 3-inch, 4 ohm
    • Subwoofer: 6.5-inch, 5 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz~20kHz

Package Contents:

  • Subwoofer
  • Five satellite speakers
  • Remote control
  • 3.5mm to 2RCA stereo cable
  • Three color coded cables
  • Multi-language user manual

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