Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Headphones Review

Bluetooth technology is becoming more prevalent everyday. With Bluetooth’s inclusion in most newer cell phones, the adoption of this technology has exploded. Although most people associate Bluetooth with cell phone headsets, the technology has many other applications.

One of the more exciting uses for Bluetooth is for wireless stereo headphones. Wires can be a hassle, whether it is wire management or worry about snagging them on the surrounding environment. Being free from the tether of a stereo headphone wires is truly priceless.

Today, we will be looking at the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth headset. This headphone is marketed as the smallest Bluetooth set in the world. Using BT 1.2 technology, it features a range of 30 feet and a battery life of 6.5 hours. During the past few weeks, I had a chance to put these headphones to the test. Let’s see how they did.


Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Headphones

Reviewed by: Tomas Ratas

Sponsor: Genius



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Headphones

Listen to Wireless Music


If you want to listen to wireless music, then use the BT-03A, which is the smallest Bluetooth headset in the world. It’s very lightweight, just 37.5g and has a 30mm driver that delivers audiophile- quality acoustic performance with full, rich balanced bass. The latest wireless headset from Genius, BT-03A, uses BT-1.2 technology and has a wireless range up to 30 feet.

It supports A2DP (Advance Audio Distribute Protocol) which can connect with your mobile phone, PDA, NB, mp3 player even LCD-TV through a BT audio transmitter. If your mobile phone has the A2DP function, than you can listen to MP3 music from your mobile phone wirelessly and still not miss any phone call. The embedded re-chargeable battery can play up to 6.5 hours. No matter where you are, the BT-03A can bring you comfort and music enjoyment.

Key features:

-Supports A2DP , AVRCP function

-Effective distance up to 30 feet

-Rechargeable Li-on battery through USB charger

-Continuous use up to 6.5Hrs

-Great wireless connection with MP3, NB, LCD-TV and DVD


Package contents:

-Bluetooth headset

-3.5mm stereo transmitter

-Extra Ear-pads

-USB cable

-RCA converter

-Carrying case


-User’s manual

-US-EU converter

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A Better Look at Things


The BT-03A arrives in a rectangular silver and red box, with the headphones encased in plastic in the middle of the box. On the front bottom, there is a list of compatible devices which includes LCD-TV, mobile phones, DVD players, MP3 players, PC desktops and laptops.




The sides of the box show pictures of the included components, a list of parts and specifications.


The back of the box is silver with the same list of specifications in over a dozen different languages.


Pulling out the plastic packaging reveals the headphones and the 3.5 mm audio dongle. On the backside of this insert, one finds the USB Cable, charger, RCA converter, a carrying case, an extra set of ear pads, instructions and a US-EU converter.



The headphones are black with silver writing. The left headset is mostly black with the Genius name and logo emblazed in the center, while the right headset features the headset’s control buttons.


These buttons include forward, backward, volume up and volume down with the play/pause button in the center. On the inner side of the right headphone, one finds the microphone opening.


A Better Look at Things


The headphones attach by sliding them over the back of the ear, similar to most of the Motorola style Bluetooth headsets. The headphones are covered with foam ear pads for added comfort.

There is 21 inches of wire that connects the left and right ear phones.

The 3.5 mm audio dongle is a little over inch by inch in its length and width. It has a 1.5 inch long wire with a 3.5 mm audio jack at the end. This dongle can be used to hook the headset up to a non Bluetooth native audio device.

In the center of the dongle, there is a silver button with a rectangular light which changes from red to blue, depending on the status of the device.

Included with the Genius BT-03A is an RCA converter which allows the Bluetooth dongle to be attached to a component out jack on a stereo or DVR for instance.

The headset and wireless dongle can be charged via USB with the included proprietary USB adapter or plugged directly into an outlet with the charger.

The instruction manual is pretty thick, but it is only twelve pages in length, since the other hundred pages features instructions for dozens of other languages.

To protect the headphones, Genius included a smoke colored plastic protective case.


Installation, Testing and Comparison


Before installation, it is recommended to charge the BT-03A for two hours. A red indicator light shows when the device is charging and it shuts off once the charging cycle is complete. The BT-03A beeps every twenty seconds when in need of charging. A flashing LED indicates that the headset or dongle is in need of charging.

Like other Bluetooth devices, the BT-03A needs to be paired to either a native Bluetooth device or to the included dongle. Pairing mode is entered when the headset play/pause button is held for 7 seconds. If pairing with a Bluetooth native device, the pairing code is the standard – 0000 passkey.

Pairing with the dongle requires the silver button to be held for seven seconds. When the light alternately flashes between blue and red, then the unit is in pairing mode. Once the dongle’s light flashes a slow blue, then the pairing is complete.

The BT-03A can act as a stereo headphone, as well a Bluetooth telephone headset. Battery life is quoted as 6.5 hours on one charge and I found this to be fairly accurate.

The BT-03A supports the A2DP and AVRCP ( ) profiles for stereo Bluetooth sound. Unfortunately the folks at Apple decided not to use A2DP, so any Bluetooth headphone used with the iPhone is basically useless. Unfortunately, the dongle’s 3.5 mm jack is not long enough to fit in the recessed iPhone jack.


Bluetooth devices quote a range of thirty feet and I was able to hear audio throughout my home with the dongle placed at the other end of my home. The sound did get a little choppy the further I walked away from the transmitter at around twenty feet.

I primarily used the headset to play Xbox360 in the bedroom. Currently, I am playing Bioshock and I found the BT-03A was excellent in maintaining the acoustic vision of the game. Enemy voices were seemingly all around as my character moved throughout the game. As a testament to their sound quality, these headphones made the game seem more claustrophobic than it already was.

I used the Koss KSC35 Portable headphones to compare the sound quality to the Genius headphones. I found the BT-03A to have a slightly tin-ier sound than the Koss, but that is to be expected when compared to a wired set of headphones. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the BT-03As.

My one criticism of this pair of headphones is that they hurt after prolonged wearing. Now I have worn many types of clip over the ear headphones over the years and found this pair to be the most uncomfortable after an hour of wear. Hopefully for the next version, this complaint will be addressed.

Also, the case only holds the headphones and not the dongle. That is a problem, because the dongles wire seems to be the most delicate part of the system and should be protected along with the headphones.


Finding wireless headphones can be a difficult task. With any wireless device, sound quality is the first thing one will notice. Genius’ first foray into the Bluetooth wireless market does not disappoint. Excellent sound quality is accompanied by a light weight, portable set of headphones. Featuring long battery life and excellent range, these headphones are perfect for everyone. Whether you want to workout or lounge about, with the BT-03A, you can do so without the tether of normal headphones.

DragonSteelMods gives the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Headphones a 4.5 our of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.


-Small, lightweight

-Long battery life

-Easy set up

-Good sound quality


-Ear clips are uncomfortable during extended wear

I would like to thank Genius for the chance to review the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Headphones

and for their continued support of DSM.