How Technological Advancements Have Improved the Speed and Reliability of Delivery Services


Delivery services have come a long way in the past decade. It’s hard to remember a time when you couldn’t get everything you need delivered the very next day. The speed and reliability of delivery has improved substantially and it’s all thanks to technology.

Here, we’ll look at exactly how technological advancements have improved the speed and reliability of delivery services.

It’s boosted competition

One of the main technological advancements which has improved the delivery sector is the internet. Specifically, eCommerce has had a major impact on the sector, increasing demand and in turn, boosting competition.

The number of competitors within the industry mean couriers need to ensure they’re providing a reliable, professional and speedy service. If they don’t, their business isn’t going to last very long. The demand for speedy delivery has led to top couriers like TNT, to offer same day delivery services. Without technology, they wouldn’t be able to do this.


Tracking services

In terms of reliability, tracking features have reduced the number of parcels going missing and also reduced the risk of late deliveries. Both the customer and the business can track their parcels to see exactly where they’ve been and where they are now.

Some couriers even use real-time tracking, which shows the exact location of the driver. This provides great peace of mind to the customer.


Online booking

Many couriers have embraced the internet and provide instant, online booking. This means customers no longer need to wait to actually speak to someone on the phone. They can log online, request a quote and even arrange a collection or delivery there and then. This speeds up the process and ensures parcels are delivered as quickly as possible.


Satellite navigation

Satellite navigation has enabled couriers to find delivery addresses quickly and easily. Not only can they direct the courier to the right address, but they can tell them the fastest way to get there too.

Some couriers also have more advanced satellite navigation systems which calculate their entire route. As it reduces the need to stop and ask for directions, parcels can be delivered quickly and easily.

The above is just some of the main technological advancements which have helped to improve the delivery service within the UK. As you can see, the internet has played a major role, but offline advancements have also played a part in boosting the industry.