How to Use College Basketball Predictions to Your Advantage

College basketball season is finally upon us, and it’s an exciting time for fans of the sport! As you watch or attend your favourite games, don’t forget to keep your eye on the score; you can use these insights to your advantage in multiple ways. From predicting winners and losers to understanding why teams perform well or poorly at certain times of the year, college basketball predictions are a great resource if you know how to use them correctly. Learn more about how you can make the most of this information with our guide on using college basketball predictions to your advantage!

  • Understand the Game

To make any successful prediction, you need a basic understanding of the game. You can make two types of bets with college basketball predictions – straight-up and against the spread. The straight-up bet is where you pick who will win the game based on the final score. The spread bets are where you predict what team will win, but you also have to decide whether they’ll cover. This is a riskier bet because there are teams that are just one point away from cover status, which could make them a risky bet.

  • Watch Your Favorite Teams Online

If you want to follow your favourite teams in the NCAA Tournament, you will need a service that will let you watch them. Luckily, there are plenty of services out there that offer this and can make the process as simple as clicking a button. Some sites have expanded their offerings from just live-streaming games during March Madness into full-year coverage, so no matter what teams you love, you can find an option to watch them online. Whether you like college football or basketball, there’s something for everyone!

  • Study Their Schedule

College basketball predictions can be tricky, as it’s much more about intangibles than anything else. But, one of the best ways to figure out who you should bet on is by studying their schedule. Are they rested coming off of a bye week? Who did they play, and how did that game go? How do the odds look for these teams when the game is on a neutral court instead of in one team’s home arena? What are they doing against teams in different conferences? These critical questions need to be answered before making your bets.

  • Visit Websites

It’s essential to use a variety of sources when you are researching college basketball predictions. You should check social media for commentary from professional analysts, examine preseason publications for power rankings, and review the latest betting lines. As you study these different sources, keep in mind that they might contradict one another! Each publication has an opinion on who will win certain games.


College basketball predictions can be used in many ways. A person could use them to plan/ out their day or week depending on the teams they are most interested in following. They could also use them as entertainment, following each game and seeing who ends up as the winner. Several websites allow you this opportunity for people who want to make some money off their predictions.