HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case for HTC One Video Review


HTC not only makes phones and other devices but they makes cases for their devices as well and they’re not bad overall. Today I’ve got another video review for you of the HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case for the HTC One, so read on..


Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info


HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case

Protect the phone you love without changing its elegant looks. This stylish three-color wrap-around case features a premium hard shell that guards against damage with a front screen overlay.

140.9mm * 72mm * 12mm ( HTC One )

-Red/Light Grey/Black

Polycarbonate with matte UV coating

Special Features
-Front screen overlay for solid screen protection
-Easy to hold matte UV finishing

Price: $20.50 from Amazon at time of review



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