I AGREE with Jack Thompson!!!


Yep, that’s right, I agree with Jack Thompson!!! By now all of you have seen the latest inevitable lawsuit against ‘Bully’ from Take-Two Interactive, and yes it is quite obviously absurd, but yet it will happen in this lawsuit happy society we live in. Pretty much anything and anyone can be sued these days as long as there is an attorney willing to bring the case to court. So Jack, I have a case for you, I agree with your position on violent video games but I don’t think you are going about it in the right way, you are missing a lot of games that are just disgusting and violent and need to be pulled from the shelves immediately as they are harming the good reputations of humans everywhere.


I AGREE with Jack Thompson!!!

Article/Editorial by: Kristofer Brozio AkA Dracos

There are just so many games out there that are violent and should not be in the hands of our children, actually some of the games shouldn’t be in the hands of anyone, they should have never been made!!

Games like Bully and GTA from Take-Two have had the most press recently and are going to be getting a whole lot more, so let’s start there shall we, we know what Jack did for GTA, so we have an idea of what he is planning for Bully.

These games are based in reality and sort of on fact, I grew up in the ‘ghetto’, I personally have been the victim of violent crime, not once but twice in my life, the second time I ended up with plates and screws holding the right side of my skull together, but that’s another story… GTA is reality to a point, how can it be called a training game when this was going on long before the game was ever published or even thought of, how then can it be said that the GTA is what has caused the deaths of people? I think the deaths of those people were really caused by stupidity, get involved with drugs, gangs, guns etc, don’t expect a long life, you cannot prove to me (or anyone else for that matter) that GTA caused the death of one person, maybe GTA caused them by the fact that the victim played the game non-stop till he died?!?! Umm yeah right….. You get the point of where I am going here right?

 It’s all frivolous, and just a plain joke. Yes it’s a shame that lives are lost, but you cannot blame a video game for it, the saying is ‘guns don’t kill, people do’, well it works here as well ‘games don’t kill, people kill’. Essentially by jack Thompson’s train of thought, all gun ranges should be closed because they are there so people can hone their skills to go out and kill other people right? Hey Jack did you ever think that you gave these goofs a great excuse, or reason to do what they did?? GTA made me do it!! I learned everything from GTA, I got my skillz from GTA…..

Ok, here’s one, I can guarantee that drunk drivers have killed more children than video games, umm why not ban the sale of alcohol to everyone?

Ah, now on to Bully, honestly I cannot wait until it comes out, it looks to be an awesome game that I will enjoy to it’s fullest! Yep I was bullied in grade school, I think everyone was at one point or another, but it only makes us stronger, it makes us able to deal better with life. I think Bully is something that everyone will enjoy, I don’t think that it will be used to ‘train’ kids to enact their revenge, but I do think it will be a way for them to actually deal with it better, a kind of release. Let’s face it, life’s tough, there are bullies everywhere, I’m 34 years old and I still run into people that think they are bullies, they think they can do whatever they want whenever they want, they think they are still in school trying to bully people around.

Honestly I think Bully should be labeled a therapeutic type of game, I can see future psychiatrists and psychologists using Bully to help children that were bullied or abused and don’t want to talk about it. Can’t you see it? The child sits in front of the game and starts playing while being observed, as he gets into the game he shouts out his abusers name, projecting it onto the victim of his revenge in the game, and a breakthrough, we know who was bullying this child because Bully got it out of him. Yeah I know it sounds like something out of a movie, but hell why not, if games kill people why can’t they cure or help people as well?

Enough of that, onto the real point of this, I want the entire Half-Life series pulled and banned, along with Quake, and F.E.A.R. and DOOM and Unreal and many, many more. Why you ask, well what if there is intelligent life out there and they are visiting here? They are among us and observing us, well they see we play these training games that are just basically about killing aliens and what do you think they think of that? I’m sure they aren’t going to want to initiate contact with us when they see how we treat them in our games.

Look at Unreal, killing other lifeforms has become a sport, that can’t look good through the eyes of any ET visiting here can it? Maybe that’s why there aren’t as many abductions and visitations as there used to be…they’re all just scared of what we might do to them with our extensive training.

What about Quake, those poor demons, don’t they have rights? Well, no not Quake or Doom, they are actually beneficial to society. I think Quake and Doom have actually quelled a possible uprising from the demons, haven’t you noticed that possessions are at an all time low? I think these demons see how we treat them in these video games and are scared back to hell or whatever dimension they came from… I think they see these video games as a form of training ourselves to fight them and they are afraid when they see just how good we are at it and how many hours we spend doing it. You can ask your local priest, since most of these games have come out, demonic possessions have dropped drastically to the point that we wonder if they ever happened at all. Seriously, go ask a priest, rabbi, etc, they’ll tell you this to be true!

Ok, seriously, if you were an alien visiting here the best and easiest way to get into a humans life, and observe, would be to take the form of a child right? Pretty much everyone would help a child, the police pick up this child/alien, take him back to the precinct and let him play Playstation while they try and find his parents, and he sees he has to kill what resembles his cousin… honestly I just can’t believe that the aliens haven’t wiped us out yet, or at least went Postal and killed a few people, or probed them a bit to deep….

So I think the next lawsuit can be against all the other publishers of video games that involve killing demons or intelligent lifeforms. Maybe not the demons as statistically speaking those types of games actually helped protect us from demons Well, but then again, those games do portray demons in a bad light, not all demons are like that, it is just unjustly stereotypical to group all demons that way. Maybe we could leave the some of the demon killing in , but make sure we have some nice demons in there that help the character along the way in some aspect, to show that demons are people too!

I think the ACLU and possibly even the NAACP might want to get a piece of this, most aliens are ‘colored’ right? I see green ones, red ones, blue ones, all sorts of colors, why should they be left out?!? And the ACLU, well what about the aliens living in the US, they have rights don’t they? All those video games portray and stereotype them as mean, ugly, nasty and hell bent on destroying everything, how do we know they are all like that? I think the ALCU needs to jump in here and start protecting their civil liberties, don’t you? OH, and what about Amnesty International, they could open a chapter of Amnesty Universal-‘Working to Protect Lifeform Rights Universally’ , I mean wow, we could have every violent video game maker shutdown in one fell swoop, cool huh?

Ya know it just really pisses me off to see things like this happening in this day and age, we need someone to stand up for intelligent lifeform rights everywhere don’t we? Who can we get to step up to the task at hand? This just cannot go on anymore can it, can we has caring and compassionate humans allow this to go on anymore? I say NO, I say we put a stop to it right NOW!!!!

I’m just so mad right now I can’t even continue on, it’s just plain wrong they way we treat these lifeforms…. I could go on and on and cite many, many more games that are guilty of these heinous crimes but I need to stop here, I think you get the point….


OH, and hey Take-Two, make sure you put DragonSteelMods down for a copy of Bully for review..please….

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