Intro To DragonSteelMods

This site started out as a personal page to showcase all of my mods and has just evolved into something different entirely. So stay tuned as changes will be taking place often!

 This is actually the third incarnation of DSM, and I hope this will be the last. This last time i lost everything and had to totally start over from nothing, that’s why i decided to go with Mambo. I was looking around at the Mambo/Joomla types of CMS and mambo seemed to be cool. You may notice that the template is actually the modified ‘default’ template from the basic Mambo install, well I wanted it that way, I didn’t want someone elses template and I certainly can’t afford to have someone make one for me, and I know I don’t have the time to make one either.

So, i started to play around with the default template and came up with something I liked. it is basic and I like it that way, not to much junk to look at or read. So if you were wondering, this is the way I want it.

I’m also sure that you really couldn’t care less what I want huh?

Anyway, enjoy the site, I will try and update everyday, but my schedule is very tight with doing reviews for ThinkComputers, working a full time job and the rest of my life.