Jackly 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set

Jackly 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set


So, I'm your typical guy, well maybe not typical… but anyway I love tools, I've got tons of tools basically because I can and would rather do all of my own work, over time I've amassed a nice collection of power tools and all sorts of other types of tools. Since I'm also into computers I've also got a large and growing collection of smaller tools specifically designed for that type of work and I've learned that it seems the smaller the tool the more expensive it is, at least for quality ones anyway, that might not be the case all the time but most of the time it is, so it's nice to find deals on quality tools from time to time.

The product I have for review today is from our friends at USBFever and the name is kind of misleading, but it's the name that they gave it, it is more of an electrical or computer type tool kit, at least that's my impressions of it. It's called a 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set, and in it you'll find 30 tiny precision bits that are fairly hard to come by, or at least you can't walk into the local home warehouse store and get one, but those types of bits are the kinds that DIYers need and use most often. In addition to the bits you'll get a nice carrying case, rubberized handle for the bits and a pair of needle nosed tweezers, I for one really like this kit and have found many uses for it already. If you're like me and like tools, or if you're someone who likes to take things apart then you just might want to grab one of these kits, at $29.99 it's well worth it…


Jackly 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: USBFever





Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set

Product Code#:AL334-B004

Price: US$29.99


– For Telecom repairing use

Features: (Screws)

– Pocketable

– detachable Screw Tip


– +:PH00,PH0,PH1,PH2

– -:1.0,1.3,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,4.0

– *:T4,T5,T6,T7,T8,T10,T15,T20

– Hexagon:H1.5,H2.0,H2.5,H3.0,H3.5,H4.0

– Exterior Triangle:3.0

– Interior Triangle:3.0

– Fork:2.6

– Pentacle:2.0

– Dot:1.0

Package Contents:

– 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set x 1

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A Better Look at Things

and Usage}

A Better Look at Things

and Usage:




There is no 'Installation and Testing' section for this review as there is no installation involved and testing is actually using the tools themselves and I can't very well show you how to use them or tell you how.

The 32-in-1 Set comes in a fairly nice carrying case, the case itself is made of hard plastic and locks very tightly closed, but the clear plastic cover leaves a bit to be desired, it can just pop out easily, btu I think it's nothing a bit of glue couldn't fix. The case though seems like it will be able to withstand quite a bit of abuse and since it locks tightly you won't have to worry about losing anything from the set. The cover does have an interesting holographic sticker on it that bears the Jackly name that says 'Beware Counterfeit'.

tool1   tool2

Taking a closer look inside of the case we find the bits each have their own little slot, or holder to keep them in place, the case does a very good job of holding them in place, I've dropped it a coupe times already and the bits stayed put.

tool3   tool4

tool5   tool6

The bits included are ones that you won't easily find most places, they are specialized for electrical and telecommunications fields, but also for many computer applications as well. Some but not all of the bits are labeled, why that is I'm not sure…

The bits included are:

– +:PH00,PH0,PH1,PH2

– -:1.0,1.3,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,4.0

– *:T4,T5,T6,T7,T8,T10,T15,T20

– Hexagon:H1.5,H2.0,H2.5,H3.0,H3.5,H4.0

– Exterior Triangle:3.0

– Interior Triangle:3.0

– Fork:2.6

– Pentacle:2.0

– Dot:1.0

tool7   tool8

tool9   tool10

The bits themselves seem well made, I've used several of them and have not noticed any type of wear to them as of yet. The bits are about 1 inch long, and as I mentioned only some of them are labeled.

tool11 tool12

The included tweezers are plain, but they have a very sharp point enabling you to pick up very small things with ease. I've got a nice pair of medical style tweezers myself that I use for many things related to computers, they also have a very tiny, sharp point but not like these at all, these are for more delicate things like tiny wires and screws.

tool13 tool14

The included handle bears the name Jackly Tools, as does the package itself, curious of course about Jackly I did a bit of research and apparently they are popular in Asia and have been around for about ten years. Here's snip I grabbed from the Chinese Jackly website about them, courtesy of Google Translate:

Guangzhou Wanfeng communications equipment firm was founded in 1998, specializes in the production of a cell phone. BP and other mobile communications products manufacturers sales of maintenance tools

Guangzhou Wanfeng communication firms have been uphold the first customer, product quality first. Pioneering and innovative, competitive business philosophy inputs for the purpose.

The Company under the famous brand products WF (Wanfeng). JACKLY (Jie Keli). JAKEMY (Jack United States) series tools, best-selling overseas for many years, by the customer favorite.

Not the best translation but you get the idea…

anyway, the included handle is actually very nice, at first look I thought it was too small, but after using it several times I found it is just about the perfect fit. The handle is a little over for inches long from tip to end, and there's even a hole were you can attach a strap or lanyard if you wish. The metal tip of the handle is attached very well, I tried with considerable force to move it or wiggle it and it didn't budge one bit so it's nicely made.

tool15   tool16

tool17   tool18

tool19   tool20


I've used this little kit many times and it has become a permanent part of my computer tool-kit, in it I can find any bit that I need for most any purpose now. The bits and handle seem very well made and they should last a long time, but as with any precision tools you've got to take care of them if you want them to last any extended period of time…





If you like tools then you'll love this set, it's well made, inexpensive and contains many hard to find bits .

This kit is one of those that I can highly recommend anyone who's into computer or DIYing to get or if you know someone who's into it it would make a great gift for them, hey Father's Day is coming up!

Seriously though, this kit is excellent overall, I've used it many times since I got it from USBFever and I'm sure it will get lots more use as time goes by.

Most everything about the kit is very well made, I mentioned the problem with the cover but that's an easy fix really, but the main part of the kit, the tools, are excellent and very useful for anyone who's into computers, phones, hobbyists and what not.

Go get one, you won't regret it, it costs $29.99 plus $2.99 shipping any where in the world and it's well worth the price!

DragonSteelMods gives the 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set a 5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.

score5 reco


-Low price

-Good quality

-Lots of hard to find bits included

-Needle tweezers included

-Rugged carrying case overall


-Case lid/cover isn't exactly secure

I would like to thank USBFever for the chance to review the 32-in-1 Mobilephone Repairing Precision Screwdriver Set and for their continued support of DSM.

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