Kingwin F-35 3.5″ SATA Enclosure Reviewed

Kingwin F-35 3.5" SATA Enclosure Reviewed


Today for review I’ve got a fast
looking hard drive enclosure from Kingwin called the F-35. It’s a
bright red in color, it’s used with 3.5” SATA hard drives and
utilizes a standard USB interface. Is it as fast as it looks? Read on
to find out…



F-35 3.5″ SATA Enclosure

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: Kingwin


Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

F-35 3.5″ SATA Enclosure

* Model: F-35U-R

* F-35 Series External
Enclosure For SATA Hard Drive

* SATA Interface

* Front LED For Power / H.D.D.

* Two Fans

* Expand Storage Easily

* Applicable for PC, Notebook,
and Mac

* Plug & Play, Hot-Swap

* Up to 480 Mbps Data Transfer
Rate In USB 2.0

* Suitable For All 3.5” SATA

* RoHS Compliant

Interface: SATA to USB 2.0

Data Speed: USB 2.0 / 480 Mbps

Color: Red

H.D.D support: 3.5” SATA I/II

H.D.D. Capacity: 2 TB

Fan: 50 mm x 2

Dimension: 2 1/2” W x 9” L”
x 5 1/4 H”

Support OS : Windows
98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista; Mac OS 10x & Above

Material: ABS 94V0 Shell

Weight: 3 lbs




{mospagebreak title=Unboxing Video and Pictures}

Video and Pictures:

Ok, today I’m doing it a bit

I’ve got a video unboxing for you
along with several still pictures following, instead of the pictures
and text like we would normally do. So check it all out and then move

Testing and Comparison:

Installation is fairly easy, just
take the screw out of the bottom and slip you hard drive inside.

The F-35 does have a lever on the
top that you push up to help remove the drive, it pushes the drive
out of the enclosure. Makes life a bit easier overall..

For testing I used a Seagate
200gig hard drives.

When the Kingwin F-35 is powered
on the front lights up a fairly bright blue.

For comparison I put the Kingwin
F-35 up against the new Thermaltake Vi-On 35.” SATA hard drive

I started off the testing with
SiSoft Sandra 2009 SP4a Removable Storage Benchmark:

As you can see, according to this
test the F-35 doesn’t perform very well, but let’s continue on.

The next test is SiSoft Sandra
Physical Disks Read Performance Test:

Here you can see the Kingwin F-35
actually beats the Thermaltake Vi-on, but only by a hair..

The last test is using ATTO Disk
Benchmark, here we can get a very good idea of just how thee drives
really perform in both reading and writing.

According to ATTO both enclosures
perform very close to each other, with the Kingwin falling behind by
like 1MB/s which is really nothing you’ll ever notice.

The performance of the F-35 is
actually fairly decent overall.

The build quality is good, it’s
plastic yes, but it’s durable and feels sturdy.

I do have one small complaint
though, the fans are quite loud, not overly so, but you can hear
them. They do seem to do a good job of keeping the hard drive cool

and Comments:

The Kingwin F-35 is easy to use,
there’s not much to the installation process at all really. It’s well
made and it looks sleek, fast and rather futuristic, and it has
decent performance.

The fan are a bit loud, but not
overly so.

DragonSteelMods gives the F-35
3.5″ SATA Enclosure a 4.5 out of 5 score.


+Well made

+Easy to use

+Looks cool

+Decent performance


-Fans are a bit loud

would like to thank
Kingwin for the chance to review the F-35
3.5″ SATA Enclosure
and for their support of DSM.

review# 615