Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA

Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA


As an owner of several touch screen
devices, I can see the effects of human interaction on these devices
in the form of greasy finger prints that reside on the screen
surfaces. Now, I generally use screen protectors, but even those can
become smeared by human hands. Monster was kind enough to give us a
sample of their Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA at the recent
Pepcom Digital Experience.

Not only does the Monster ScreenClean
for Cell Phone/PDA clean, it also controls germs with something
called antimicrobial AEGIS technology.

Does the Monster ScreenClean for Cell
Phone/PDA provide a clean slate for your touch screen device or does
it come short? I have had a chance to test it out on several
devices, let’s see what the verdict is.

Let’s gets started……





Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA

Reviewed by: Tomas Ratas

Sponsor: Monster


Tech Specs,Features or the
Basic Info:

Monster ScreenClean for Cell

Your vision is clear.

The displays for your portable
electronics were designed to give you clean, convenient viewing of
images and information. Unfortunately, portable electronics get dirty
quickly when you’re on the go. Monster ScreenClean removes dust,
dirt, fingerprints and more, so your display can be as clear and
bright as possible, no matter where you are.

with Care

Clean your displays safely.
ScreenClean alcohol-free, ammonia-free solution and special
Microfiber cloth gently polishes your electronic displays without
scratching or damaging their protective coatings. And unlike ordinary
glass cleaners, ScreeClean won’t drip into delicate electronics.
Plus, the ScreenClean solution is specially formulated to reduce the
static electricity that attracts dust.

to Go

Easy cleaning on the road.
With the Monster
ScreenClean Portable display Cleaning Kit, you get one travel-size
Screen Clean bottle and special Microfiber cleaning cloth, so all
your portable electronic displays can stay free of dust, fingerprints
and streaks.

Edit: Please note this product is
not available yet, but will be soon, and it’s not even listed on the
Monster Cable website yet either so we have no ‘official link’ yet
for it…

A Better Look at Things


The Monster ScreenClean for Cell
Phone/PDA arrives on a green and white cardboard with a 34 ml bottle
on the lower part of the cardboard. Behind this bottle, we find a
green Microfiber cleaning cloth.

The back of the package has a
description of the product and why it is the better way to clean your
phone’s screen.

Upon opening, the package, the bottle
is a clear green giving the solution and appearance of Scope.
Included with the bottle and cloth is a small instruction sheet.

The Microfiber cleaning cloth is also a
shade of green in keeping with the motif.

{mospagebreak title=Testing and Usage}

Testing and Usage:

For testing I used two of the most
notorious fingerprint magnets around – the iPhone and the Sony PSP.

After some prolonged use, both my
screens were noticeably unsightly to the naked eye. Please note,
taking photos of fingerprints on a black shiny surface is not as
simple as it would seem. So the pictures do not look nearly as bad
as the actual screens in these close ups.

So here are some before pictures.

The spray comes out clear. In the
brief instruction sheet, it is noted not to use this product on
surfaces that are stipulated to be cleaned with soap and water. So
always check your devices manual before use, otherwise most surfaces
are fair game.

After one or two sprays and a wipe down
with the microfiber cloth, here are the after shots.

As you can see, the Monster ScreenClean
for Cell Phone/PDA seems to get the job done.

Because it uses an lint free Microfiber
cloth, there should be no concerns about scratching your screen or
attracting lint after a wipe.

The thing that differentiates this
product from others is that it is also and antimicrobial which helps
kill off most germs that can get on your devices.

Summary and Comments

Most people do not like to see
fingerprints or dirt on their electronic devices. Some cleaning
agents are harmful to electronics and may do more harm than good in
the long run. The Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA is the
perfect solution for cleaning and disinfecting your cell phone or

DragonSteelMods gives the Monster
ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA a 4.5 out of 5 score.


-Cleans quickly

-Includes Microfiber cloth to clean the
screen without scratching




I would like to thank Monster for the
chance to review the Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDA and for
their support of DSM.