Most Innovative Roulette Variants

Roulette is a timeless game of chance. The history surrounding this game isn’t entirely clear but evidence has led researchers to believe that roulette has been around for around 300 years. The concept of the game is very simple: the roulette wheel with equal-sized slots is spun while a ball is being launched in the opposite direction. Eventually, the ball will land on one of the slots on the wheel, revealing the winning outcomes – click to play.

It would seem that there isn’t much innovation that can be involved in a game like roulette. However, casinos are known to be creative with their services. In this article, you will find information on the most innovative roulette versions.

Immersive Roulette

One of the most entertaining and satisfying games of roulette is Immersive Roulette! Played by the rules of European Roulette, this is the standard spin of the wheel that so many people love and enjoy.

What sets Immersive Roulette apart from other variants is the high-tech delivery: high-speed cameras shoot from various angles to deliver smooth, slow-motion visuals. You will be able to see every single move that the ball makes on the roulette wheel. Immersive Roulette is very entertaining and maintains tension as hundreds of players watch the journey of the ball up close!

Speed Roulette

This variation of roulette is self-explanatory. Nevertheless, it is a very popular and worthy entry to our list. Speed Roulette picks up the pace by decreasing the time in the betting round. You will have to place bets swiftly and confidently to keep up with the game!

Essentially, Speed Roulette is just standard roulette that is played at a high pace. The first thought that comes to your mind is said to be the most accurate and genuine one. In Speed Roulette, you will have to trust your first thought and act quickly.

Double Ball Roulette

Originating in Las Vegas, Double Ball Roulette can be played on either European or American Roulette wheels. This version makes use of two balls instead of one. In traditional roulette, one ball occupies one winning slot. In Double Ball Roulette, two balls occupy two winning slots. However, that is not to say that both balls cannot land on the same slot! The game is full of surprises and very exciting.

Marvel Roulette

Casino software developers Playtech are known for creating industry-leading slots as well as other types of casino games. This time, they have made use of their Marvel license and created a roulette game like no other.

Marvel Roulette features the famous superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel fans are guaranteed to love this game but even those who aren’t familiar with Marvel can benefit from playing Marvel Roulette. Right next to the “0” slot on the game wheel, you will spot a blue “Marvel Bonus” slot. This is a progressive jackpot! If you bet on this slot and the ball lands, get ready for a life-changing sum of money heading your way!