Mystery Machine Pictorial Worklog

Ok, so I have finally added the worklog for my Mystery Machine case mod. I’m not going to reproduce the entire worklog, this is basically a pictorial worklog with some text that was in the original log.

First a little background: Obviously my kids like Scooby Doo or I wouldn’t be doing this. That being said I got this computer for free actually, my friend wanted a new computer, and asked me to build him one, so afterwards not only did he pay me, he gave me the old computer(which was a nice bonus). It’s not a top-o-the-line speed machine, but for my kids to play childrens games it is fine……

Pictures were taken with a Samsung Digimax 3.2 megapixel camera


Intel Celeron 500mhz (nothing special, just for 3-4 yr olds)
Intel ca810 MOBO
Onboard video
cd-rom drive (old)

it took 16 days to complete, 4 of those days were approx 12 hours straight of work (off work) and the rest were about 4-5 hours each day, so I have over 100 hours into this thing!! And all for my kids!!

 The pictures are basically highlights of the worklog, they are essentially the same order of the original worklog. I lost everything when I switched to this hosting.


I’ll be adding new hi-res pics soon, so stay tuned!