Nanoxia FX series 120mm Fans Reviewed

Nanoxia FX series 120mm Fans Reviewed


Most every PC system has fans in it too
keep them cool and we’ve learned that not all fans are created equal,
they might look good but they don’t perform well and of course it can
go the opposite way as well.

Today for review I’ve got the new
Nanoxia FX Series of 120mm Fans, these fans are colorful with a black
frame and clear green blades. I’ve got two for testing, one is the
1250RPM version while the other is a bit faster coming in at
2000RPMs, I’ve put them up against the Noctua NF-P12 120MM fan to see
who performs better.




FX series 120mm Fans

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: Nanoxia


Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

FX series 120mm Fans

The main characteristic of
Nanoxia FX series fans is their outstanding durability – another
remarkable feature is the extreme running smoothness during the whole
time of operation.

Carefully selected components,
an optimized design both in electronics and aerodynamics,
state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a matchless quality
control and further process optimizations make Nanoxia fans the prime
selection both for PC enthusiasts and industrial applications.

One factor that makes Nanoxia
fans reach this incredible level of running smoothness and durability
is the bearing, made from nanotechnology composite material. The
Nanoxia fan bearings were specially developed for industrial
application and allow operation even in extreme environments. The
construction prevents the intrusion of foreign substances – Nanoxia
FX fans perform perfectly even in dusty surroundings or underwater!
The bearing needs no additional lubricant, since there is neither
abrasion nor contamination in the bearing housing. After fabrication,
every single fan gets checked and thoroughly tested.

Nanoxia FX fans guarantee an
optimum of quality, which we ensure to our customers in the form of a
ten year warranty.


-10 years of manufacturer

-150,000 h service life

-Nanotechnology Bearing

-ECO traction

-hi-tech material Bayer
Makrolon® fans and frame


List of contents:

1x Nanoxia FX fan

1x Nanoxia FCX fan controller

4x Nanoxia Vibekiller Bolts

MODEL: FX12–1250

Dimensions (mm): 120x120x25

Rotation Speed (UPM): 1,250

Airflow (m³/h): 80,52

Airflow (CFM): 47,39

Acoustical Noise (dbA): 17

Static Pressure (mm H²O):

Input power (W): 12

Voltage range (V): 4–13

Input Current (A): 0.1

Service Life/MTBF (h): 150,000

VPE: 60

MODEL: FX12–2000

Dimensions (mm): 120x120x25

Rotation Speed (UPM): 2,000

Airflow (m³/h): 134,46

Airflow (CFM): 79,14

Acoustical Noise (dbA): 33

Static Pressure (mm H²O): 2,97

Input power (W): 2,36

Voltage range (V): 4–13

Input Current (A): 0.28

Service Life/MTBF (h): 150,000

VPE: 60

Better Look at Things:

The Nanoxia FX Series fans come in
plastic boxes, they’re bright green with black accents, they’ve got
the specs and features listed as well.

Opening the box we find another
sort of box, or plastic tray with compartments housing the fan, fan
controller and silicone vibration dampeners.

The fans themselves seem very well
made, they’ve got black frames with clear green colored blades. Not
much really special to them in terms of looks, they’re just fans
after all.

Testing and Comparison:

testing the Nanoxia fans I attached them to the
Baram CPU Cooler
that I reviewed recently, this is the best way I feel to test a fans
performance. I’m comparing the Nanoxia fans to a
NF-P12 120mm
fan, since that is one of my favorite fans…

For testing I hooked the fans to
the CPU header and the Molex separately, and ran Orthos Stress Prime
to get load on the PCU and used CoreTemp to record and log the
temperatures then I averaged them out to see the results shown in the
graph below:

As you can see the Nanoxia fans
are very good performers, the 1250RPM version provides good cooling
while remaining silent, and the 200RPM version provides very good
cooling, but is a bit loud. The Nanoxia 2000RPM fan isn’t overly
loud, but, when running full speed, it is audible over the other
system components.

and Comments:

The Nanoxia FX Series of 120mm
fans have a decent build quality along with very good performance.

The colors might not be for
everyone, but I don’t mind them really, in fact I rather like the
color combination myself.

gives the
FX series 120mm Fans
a 4.5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.


-Well made

-Good performance

-They look rather cool

-Nice extras included


-Running at 2000RPMs they are
audible over the rest of the system

would like to thank Nanoxia for the chance to review the
FX series 120mm Fans
and for their support of DSM.

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