Online Gaming and Gambling


Since online gaming has become sort of a ‘professional’ thing, I’ve always wondered how much gambling goes on with it? Seriously people bet on football, and baseball and every other sport so why not console or PC gaming? Personally I don’t gamble, I’ve got a casino about 15 minutes drive from me and it’s been there for years and I’ve never set foot in it. When I was younger I did some gambling with the poker machines and that kind of thing and I was in Las Vegas once but I never really got into the whole betting thing myself. So is there some sort of betting parlor you could go to now for online gaming? Does it happen? I’m sure it happens as people bet on everything right? I guess it’s just not something you hear about as it’s not as prevalent as other types of betting like on sports and horses etc. I guess like anything we’ll have to wait and see just what comes of it, but console gaming is big obviously and in other countries online PC gaming is much bigger than anywhere else. Look at places like Korea where StarCraft if just huge with prizes of over $10,000 or more. With that much money at stake and the popularity of it, you know people have to be betting on the matches right?! You never really hear anything about betting on online games, why is that?

If you love online gaming then I am sure you will have heard about some of the many live events and competitions that take place all over the world everyday. Some of them are even televised reaching audience statistics within the millions however, some people are not aware that you can qualify for these live events from your very own living room. So let’s take a look at some of the best upcoming gaming events in 2013.

Console gaming is still the leading platform, the ease of use and popularity have seen it replace the computer within a few short years. The internet connectivity allows for real time player .vs. player matches and has inadvertently created a new generation of competition gamers that could qualify for live events. Major league gaming was a company founded in 2002; they are like the premier league of online gaming and allow you to go head to head with talented people all over the world. They set up leagues and allow the winner to qualify for live events across the world. Games are set up daily so whenever you’re ready check out some of their many competitions available to you.

Some people however love casino gaming and poker – the thrill of beating someone and taking home the jackpot is one that can’t be matched. Online gaming has also catered for you allowing for competitions all over the internet that also give the winner a chance to take part in live events across the word. Others offer rewards just for playing, Jackpot City for example offers the chance to win VIP holidays and sports cars by simply playing your favorite online slots. You can play the games at Jackpot City for free, which in the case of skill-based games like poker can be a massive help before putting your money on the table.

If you’re looking to put some more excitement into your favorite game then make sure you check out some of the exciting gaming events that are taking place in 2013.