Potential Financial Implications in Regular Penetration Testing


Penetration testing (pen testing) is a key point of analysis for any companies’ cyber security. The practice allows businesses to identify crippling flaws in their internal or external infrastructure and make swift changes accordingly. Put simply, it’s integral, challenging internal firewalls and access routers.

Of course, the purpose of pen testing is to develop a robust system to combat hackers, among other cyber threats. While hackers can certainly have a physical presence, many these days are stealing while being hidden away in secrecy. A practical assessment on calculative risks, the practice of pen testing will come with its own cost considerations due to its essential status for any given company. Below are three financial implications to be considered.

A Demand for Jobs

To meet the demands of regular pen testing, the industry and job market must consequently adapt. Companies look out for ‘ethical hackers’, permanent internal staffers who can brace businesses for the real threats that may come their way. The money isn’t all syphoned through the game changing technologies, but to the people who operate them too.

However, job vacancies are rising in the sector despite a decline in salary, implying the industries need for an employability and financial boost. It’s not speedy tinkering or quick clicks with code, but a professional methodology that is tailored for round the clock maintenance – and consequently demands professional pay.


A Cost Centre?

It doesn’t matter what it is, if you do something regularly enough the costs will begin mounting up. What is paid for in pen testing is a recurring service and thus a frequent fee, and consequently there are those who consider cyber security a cost centre at large.

Additionally, with a bigger business comes more complex, state of the art systems and further resources for a hacker to exploit. The larger you are, the easier the target, and that is why your cybersecurity must reflect the efficiency and integrity of every other aspect of your company. It is the art of prevention, and the threats that never come are ultimately the results. Consequently, many see pen testing as fighting ghosts for a hefty fee.


Accredited Aid

When trusting your security with external companies, it is important to strike out in your search and find the more reputable businesses. Thorough searches and solutions are guaranteed, even if costs may rise owing to top of the line service.

Put simply, pen testing is maturity. It is preparing for any eventuality or fatality that may be launched by attackers at your business. Consequently, costs are tailored to the client demand through expert advice, ensuring your security is appropriated from cause to cost.