Raptor-Gaming P5 Hard Surface Mousepad


Mousepads come in many shapes, sizes, materials and textures, for the most part what kind you have is your preference. Any mouse, even the lowliest ball mouse can benefit from a quality mousepad, improved tracking and smoother movement of the mouse is usually the biggest improvement. Many companies today are getting into making what they are calling Professional Mousepads for gamers, while some are in name only, there are those that actually can be called a professional mousepad. One such pad is the Raptor-Gaming P5 mousepad, it is a hard surface pad that allows you mouse to glide effortlessly over it but yet offers the slightest bit of resistance for better control of you mouse. Raptor-Gaming is not very well known here in the states, but I’m hoping to help change that by introducing my readers to a few of their products, so today I have the P5 mousepad for review, the first of five reviews of Raptor-Gaming products. Never heard of Raptor-Gaming? Well read on to learn a bit more about them and their fine products…


Raptor-Gaming P5 Hard Surface Mousepad

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio AkA Dracos

Sponsor: Raptor-Gaming


Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Raptor-Gaming P5 Mousepad

Power-Tuning for your Gamer-Mouse

With the RAPTOR-GAMING P5 you will tune your Mouse and put the turbo gear into work. Without fluffing, dirtiness or fray out on the surface. This specially developed mousepad for the Pro-Gamer delivers pure speed, for fast reactions, short moves and a very precise targeting accuracy. This saves your energy for the next Death-Match and relieves your wrists. The perfect fit to the needs of Pro-Gamer. The structured surface-coat delivers optimized sliding characteristics for all types of current mice. The friction-resistance is minimized and the big, ergonomically formed surface rest and the first class sliding characteristics delivers highest precision and pixel-precise movements. The non-sliding underside brings safe stability and the pad is robust and scratch resistant.

Technical details:

Polycarbonate board

Textured, easy-glide surface

Exceptionally low frictional resistance

Extremely good glide

Robust surface coating, resistant to scratches

Non-slip undersurface

Effortless, pixel-precise mouse-cursor control

Large surface size (310 x 240 x 3 mm)

Resistant to high temperatures

Absolutely waterproof, easy to clean

High longevity

100% recyclable

Ergonomic design

Compatible with all commonly-used mouse types

Delivery Content:



With all we know about Raptors today, they were the most intelligent, pack hunters and the same time the fastest and strongest animals in the realm of the dinosaurs. These characteristics also apply to the products from Raptor Gaming Technology. Raptor Gaming Technology offers gaming devices to fulfill the needs of the hardcore gamer

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A Better Look at Things


There’s not much to the packaging of the Raptor-Gaming P5, just a plastic bag and cardboard hanger on the top.

The front side of the hanger has the name of the mousepad, and the Raptor-Gaming logo.

While the back has the same specs and features I have already listed in the previous section.

The Raptor-Gaming P5 mousepad is a different shape than any other mousepad I have owned or reviewed, it is an hour-glass shape. The Raptor-Gaming logo is seen top center of the pad, with the name of the company in the bottom left corner.

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A Better Look at Things


The P5 mousepad is actually very thin, and it appears to have a rough surface finish to it.

Looking closer at the surface of the P5, it sort of reminds me of the Ratpadz XT that I reviewed a couple weeks ago, but the pattern is not as high as it was on the Ratpadz XT.

The little tab that sticks out of the right side has raised lettering with the Raptor-Gaming website address.

Flipping the Raptor-Gaming P5 mousepad over we find a lot of feet to insure that the pad stays in place and will not move no matter how intense your gaming might be, there are a total of 12 rubber feet on the P5.

Here’s a picture of my Logitech MX1000 on the P5 to give you a better idea of how big the pad is, it’s actually kind of small.

My first impression of the P5 was that it was very thin and lightweight, but yet seemed very sturdy and will possibly last quite a while. If you noticed it does come with a three year warranty, so I guess Raptor-Gaming intends the pad to last at least that long, which is pretty long for a mousepad… The P5 being so thin though I might worry about it breaking during transporting it wherever you need to take it. The surface of the P5 is rough yet moving the mouse across it is done almost effortlessly, the surface does offer a bit of resistance for better control of your mouse.

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Installation, Testing and Comparison

There isn’t much to the installation process for the Raptor-Gaming P5, being it is small it should fit on anyones desk or workspace.

Of course when reviewing a mousepad you have to play games, the P5 is made for gaming, but of course it can be used for day to day activities as well. Needless to say, but I will, I got a lot of gaming in on the P5 and found it to be an excellent mousepad.

For testing I mainly used my MX1000, A4Tech X-750F Gaming Mouse and the Raptor-Gaming M3 (review soon). No matter what I did, no matter what type of game I played the mice I used tracked perfectly on the P5, my mice actually seemed more responsive. I also tried the standard optical mice with the P5 and even an old ball mouse I have lying around, and they seemed to be improved by the P5.

Using the P5 in my day to day activities, like surfing the web, editing photos, updating website etc, I found the P5 to be just fine and have no complaints about it.

Before I got the P5 for review I was using the Ratpadz XT mousepad, I found that to be an excellent mousepad as well, extremely smooth, like ice, and really had no problems with it. The P5 though, I have to say that I like it a little better than the Ratpadz XT, the main reason is that it is not like a sheet of ice, don’t get me wrong it is very smooth and my mouse just glides over it, but it does have the slightest bit of resistance to offer better control over your mouse than the Ratpadz XT did.

The other reason I prefer the Raptor-Gaming P5 over the Ratpadz XT is that it is very thin, the Ratpadz XT, after using it for a few weeks I found that it was just a bit to thick for my personal comfort level.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting on the Ratpadz XT here, it is more for comparison purposes, but my personal preference would have to lie with the Raptor-Gaming P5 over the Ratpadz XT. The XT and the P5 are two totally different creatures and it all depends what your personal preferences are, and I like a bit of resistance with my mousepad, and I also like them to be as thin as possible, years of typing on a computer will affect your wrists negatively, so having them flat is a nice thing.

The one main complaint I could have about the Raptor-Gaming P5 mousepad is the shape of it, why they made it an hour glass shape is beyond me. I can see the bottom being curved in, but not the top, at times, when I first started using the P5 I did find my mouse falling off the center top of the pad, but after a day or so I did adjust to it. Still though, it would have been better to make the P5 straight across the top, at least I think so. The other complaint, and it’s a personal preference, is the size of the P5, bigger would be better in this case.

Honestly I think I’m just to picky for my own good… but the P5 is as close to perfect as I have gotten so far!

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Overall the Raptor-Gaming P5 mousepad is an excellent choice for gamers, be it professional or casual, it is even great for day to day work as well. The P5 has an excellent, smooth surface that allows your mouse to glide effortlessly over it, but yet offers a hint of resistance to allow for more control of your mouse. No matter what mouse I used with the P5, it tracked perfectly with no problems at all, gaming was more fun and everyday work was made more enjoyable. The P5 is a mousepad that I can honestly recommend to anyone in the market for anew mousepad or just to try something new and different…

DragonSteelMods gives the Raptor-Gaming P5 Hard Surface Mousepad a 4 1/2 out of 5 score and out Recommended Award as well.



-Excellent tracking

-Well made

-Looks great

-Tough and durable

-3 year warranty

-Mouse just glides over it

-100% Recyclable


-A bit small, and odd shaped

I would like to thank Raptor-Gaming for the chance to review the P5 Hard Surface Mousepad and for their support of DSM.

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