Review: OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse

OCZ is most widely known for gaming ram and other memory related products, but they’ve ventured into other areas as well like cooling and now peripherals with the Equalizer Gaming Mouse. So, obviously, that’s what is up on the review block today, the OCZ Equalizer Gaming Mouse, it truly is a great mouse overall with some great features like DPI settings up to 2500 and an additional ‘triple-fire’ button as well…

Review: OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio AkA Dracos

Sponsor: OCZ Technology



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse

Equalizer (Desktop Size) – OCZMSEQRD

Equalizer Mouse / 2500DPI / Triple Threat Button / On-the-Fly DPI Switch

The new OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is sure to excite todays demanding gamers with its unique features, high performance engine, and competitive edge.

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The OCZ Equalizer provides six DPI sensitivity levels (400-2500) and allows gamers to seamlessly transition between each setting in the midst of a battle with a conveniently placed button (1). The Equalizers scroll wheel displays a different color LED for each DPI setting to provide instant visual confirmation of the chosen sensitivity level. Hardcore gamers that play the latest First Person Shooter titles will benefit from the lightening fast speed that 2500 DPI provides.

The Equalizer features the innovative OCZ Triple Threat button (2). Gamers can fire three times with just one click making it easier than ever to hit the target. At the same time, the ingenious Triple Threat button turns double-click operations, such as opening files and applications, into just one-touch commands.

The Equalizers ergonomic design features a comfortable, no-slip grip and the always useful back and forward buttons. The OCZ Equalizer will be available in two configurations, Desktop and Mobile model, depending on the users preference for portability and size. As an added bonus, each mouse includes OCZ Equalware software which provides a complete keyboard simulation interface for total customization of your favorite gaming commands.


-2500 DPI Gamer-Grade Laser Engine

-On mouse 6-DPI-Shift (400-800-1200-1600-2000-2500)

-Implements Agilent 6010 Chip and high-speed 7080 FPS technology

-Triple Threat Button – 1 click, 3 shots for a gaming advantage

-Dual laser engine for enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces

-Right-handed ergonomic design

-Gold-Plated USB Connector

-Thin, flexible wire design feels like using a wireless mouse but without sacrificing latency

-Convenient back & forward buttons

-Comfortable, no-slip grip for intense gaming battles

-Plug and Play

-Included Equalware software for complete customization

-6 Year Warranty*

* The Equalizers PowerSwap warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from accidents, abuse, misapplication, unauthorized repair, modification or disassembly or cosmetic wear and tear to the finish of the mouse as a result of standard operation

A Better Look at Things


The packaging for the OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse is very nicely done, it’s bright colorful and bold. There is a cut-out on the front of the packaging that allows you to see the Equalizer itself, along with the main features listed as well. The back of the package lists the main features and specs and has a nice labeled picture to show what the buttons are for.



Opening up the package we find the Equalizer mouse itself, user’s manual, driver/software disc and extra feet. You’ll notice that the USB connector is gold plated to insure optimum conductivity of signals.

On the left side of the OCZ Equalizer we find two buttons and a textured thumb grip for you to better grip the mouse. The side buttons are default the forward and back but can be programed to the users liking.

The scroll wheel is located between the two main buttons, it is a textured rubber material and it actually lights up according to the DPI of the mouse. There is a color coded chart on the bottom to show what the colors mean to the corresponding DPI setting.

There’s nothing particularly special about the right side of the Equalizer. On the back we find the OCZ Technology Logo, with the Equalizer logo on the top center. The blue coloring on the mouse is actually a metal coating over a plastic base that should last for quite some time though quite a bit of abuse and intense frag sessions…



On the bottom of the Equalizer mouse we find four teflon mouse feet and the color chart I mentioned earlier. The scroll wheel will light up solid or blinks two colors to indicate the DPI that the Equalizer is currently set at.


There are two main features of the OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse, the first being the ability to change the DPI from 600DPI to 2500DPI is six increments.


The second feature, and the one that I think is the coolest, is the addition of another button, the red button located inset to the left mouse button. This little red button actually serves two functions, for gaming and for regular daily activities. While gaming it can be used as a triple shot button, meaning one click will fire three times, this can be very useful in FPS type games and other games that require lots of shooting. The second function of this little red button is that it can be used as a double-click button, instead of normally double-clicking on an item on you desktop you can click the red button once and it will open the application or folder instantly.

Installation, Testing and Comparison

I’ll start this section with the fact that I’m a big fan of the Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse, I had two of the original versions and now I have the blue Version2 that I have been using since I got it months ago. The OCZ Equalizer mouse is almost exactly the same length of the G5 but it’s not as tall as tall, giving it a slimmer looking profile.

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I’ve tested and reviewed many gaming mice, both optical and laser over the years I’ve been reviewing, and in that time I’ve got to play many games to test them out. I found that FPS type games are the best though for testing mice as they require quick movement and they also require slow and precise movements as well. So of course for this review as well I got my game on with Bioshock, Halo2, BF2142 and Star Wars: Republic Commando (yeah I know it’s old, but I still haven’t finished it..).

The OCZ Equalizer mouse can be used with or without the included software as the DPI settings are hardwired into the mouse itself but I strongly suggest installing the software as you can then change the mouse buttons to your personal preferences.

The first thing I noticed was that the forward and backward buttons were, well, backwards… I have my mice set with the back button toward the back of the mouse and the forward button to the front normally, but by default the Equalizer is set the other way, why I can’t be sure, but it’s easily fixed through the software.

The other software features are basically all the same settings you’d find under the Windows mouse settings options, with the exception of the last page, or tab called ‘settings’, where you can customize the NetJump and LuckyJump settings. These I actually found no use for whatsoever, but others might find them useful…




After I got everything installed I did notice that the mouse wasn’t very precise, by this I mean it sort of jumped around a bit, and well, wasn’t precise, for lack of a better term here… but this was easy to fix by going back to the software ‘motion’ tab and selecting ‘Enhance cursor precision’, doing this made everything all better…

Once I was done playing with the settings and getting basically accustomed to the Equalizer just though my everyday work I came to notice as well that the Equalizer is a bit lighter than my G5, I personally like a heavier mouse and have the weight pack in my G5 almost full.

Other than being lighter the Equalizer is a great all around mouse, and the addition of the little red button does become habit forming for opening applications and folders after using it for a while.

Setting the DPI is very easy, just keep clicking the button until you find you desired DPI setting, one drawback is that you cannot adjust the DPI downwards only up, meaning you have to cycle through them to get to the setting you finally want.

The tracking is excellent on cloth, glass and plastic mousing surfaces, of course adjustments are need to the DPI for each surface, but that is common with any mouse that can be adjusted.

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For gaming the OCZ Equalizer is a great mouse as well, the addition of the triple-fire button work with some games but not all, essentially the weapon you are using has to be able to fire at a high rate to be able to fully utilize the triple-fire button. An example might be a rocket launcher that you have to re-load after every shot or a sniper rifle possibly, don’t think that magically three rockets or bullets will come out just because you pressed the triple-fire button…


Other aspects of gaming with the Equalizer are great, as with any mouse that you can adjust the DPI this is a good thing for gaming, especially with FPS types of games where sometimes you need precision targeting and the lower DPI helps with this.

From my time with the Equalizer I found only two drawbacks, and one is a personal preference, it is a bit too lightweight for me, the other would be the lack of changing DPI downward but you get used to it after a while…


The OCZ Equalizer is a great mouse overall, for gaming and everyday use it works very well. This is OCZ’s first foray into mousing and they’ve done a commendable job with the Equalizer, it tracks well, has great features and is just a great all around mouse.

DragonSteelMods gives the OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse a 4.5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.


-Seems tough and durable

-Easy to use and install

-Excellent tracking


-Looks cool

-Extra feet included

-Double-click button really comes in handy

-Great all around mouse


-Too lightweight for my personal preferences

-Cannot adjust DPI down, only upwards

I would like to thank OCZ for the chance to review the OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse and for their continued support of DSM.


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