Review of OAproda Flexible Mini USB LED Light

Up for review today I’ve got a USB gadget that I’ve come to like and find very useful, it’s a flexible LED light that is powered by any USB port that comes from a company called OAproda. The light is very inexpensive at about $5, and it can be very useful for all sorts of situations. Read on to learn more…

Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info

OAproda Flexible Mini USB LED Light Portable Led Reading Lamp for Power Bank,PC,Laptop,Notebook,Outdoor Activities in Night and Any Devices with USB Port

-Flexible USB LED Light, will bring light to your favorite position.
-Plug into USB port,can be used with power bank,laptop and all other devises with USB port.
-Portable, easy to install,save power without On/Off button.
-Essential light for your outdoor camping, emergency,travel and reading lighting.
-Material: Silicone,5 colors for choosing.

Led Light Specs:
1. Voltage:5V
2. Power:1.2W
3. Size:169*18*9mm

Price: $4.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

Testing and Usage

The packaging is a white box with a window on the front showing the LED light which is held in a plastic tray inside of the box. On the back of the box is basic specs and directions. There are no instructions inside of the box, just the light.

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The LEDs have a USB port on the end and then the LED light on the other. They’re a little more than 6 1/2” long to the end of the USB connection and about 3/4” at the widest point. They’re covered with silicone and available in several different colors and they’re rather stiff so you can bend them and they’ll stay in that position to keep the light where you want or need it.


The bottom is the LED light, it looks just light a large white panel and it’s about 1 3/4” inches long and about 1/2” wide.


The top of the light has a piece of metal that acts like a heatsink for the LED so it can get warm to the touch, actually it can get very hot after an extended period of time.


There is no on/off switch, you just plug it in and it comes on, unplug it and it turns off. The LEDs are very bright, you can’t look into them without hurting your eyes.

usbledbluegreen6 usbledbluegreen7

My keyboard has USB ports on it but it doesn’t light up. I plugged this LED into one of the ports and it provides more than enough light to light up the keyboard to use it at night.


On the back of the box one of the suggestions is to use it with an external battery charger and I tried it with one of mine and it worked fine. The battery is portable and so is the light, combine them and you’ve got a handy flashlight for sure. If you gout camping or hiking chances are you’ll take an external battery with you, I ‘d take one of these little lights as well to use as a lamp or in an emergency.


I have a USB adapter or charger in the car and I tried in there and it worked fine, I was thinking of keeping on in the car for emergency uses as it might come in handy.

Summary and Comments

I’ll be honest here, I like these lights a lot, I’ve found myself using them all the time for all sorts of reasons.

It’s basically a flashlight but what I like is the fact that it can be powered from any USB source so you can use it to turn any external battery pack into a light.

They seem well made overall and they’re very flexible but stiff to make sure they stay in the position you want then to for light where you need it.

You can use this light for computer work, camping, hiking or just as a flashlight.

One small issue is that it can get hot, as long as you keep that in mind you’ll be fine. I haven’t gotten burned as I paid attention to how I grabbed it, but of course I touched it our of curiosity and it can get hot, very hot after extended use and you could potentially get burned. If you’re going to grab it chances are you aren’t going to grab it by the light, it’s like any other USB device, you grab or pull by the connector, so yes it gets hot but I don’t seem a real issue honestly.

DragonSteelMods gives the OAproda Flexible Mini USB LED Light a 4.5 out of 5 score.



+Very bright

+Flexible to most any angle any way

+Numerous uses

+Great for emergency uses or taking camping with you and just about anything you can think of


Can get very hot on top

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