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The Sentey Revolution Pro is an excellent gaming mouse, it allows the gamer to adjust from 200dpi all the way up to 8200dpi and record and store custom macros into one of five profiles that you can switch to on the fly.

There is a software configuration program that comes with the Revolution Pro which you can use or not. You do not have to install the software but you’ll be limited to the default settings of the mouse and you really won’t be able to fully utilize the mouse and all of its features.

The Revolution Pro is suited for gaming or everyday use, it works fine for whatever your needs might be. It tracked flawlessly on any type of surface that I tried.

The mouse has an ergonomic shape to it that allows you to use it comfortably for long periods of time be it gaming or just everyday use.

The Revolution Pro features numerous LEDs that light up to visually let the user know which profile they are on at a glance.

The Revolution Pro features what they call a Lift button and it’s a great feature to have as it essentially let’s the mouse be used on virtually any surface at all. The Lift button calibrates the mouse by analyzing the surface and adjusting things accordingly, and yes it really works.

The Revolution Pro has ceramic feet and this is good and bad. The good of course is that they’ll outlast the mouse and never need changed like other mice. The bad part is that on some mouse pads the ceramic feet make it too slick to the point that the mouse is too hard to control.

I’ve seen carrying cases for mice before but none as nice as the one Sentey included with the Revolution Pro. The case is durable and will most certainly protect the Revolution Pro while you’re transporting it.

I have to mention the swag here, it’s nice to see it honestly as not many companies include little extras, sure I personally would use the door hanger or the poster but my kids liked them a lot when I gave them to them.

The issues I came across involve me and how I use or hold a mouse. I mentioned them because they should be mentioned and the user should be aware of everything. My grip style is a combination of claw and palm where my hand sits farther back on the mouse and my fingers seem to accidentally and often hit buttons they’re not supposed to. This happens because of my personal style of gripping the mouse, so the same thing might not happen to you, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

The last thing to touch on is the price and at about $40 on Amazon it’s very much worth it as the mouse is top quality and you get a lot of stuff with it besides just a mouse.


DragonSteelMods gives the Sentey Revolution Pro a 4.5 out of 5 score and our recommended award as well.


score45-5 score-reco



+Very slick ceramic feet
+Ceramic feet should last forever
+Swag included
+Excellent carrying case included
+Numerous configuration options
+Easy macro creation
+Excellent tracking on every surface


-Can be easy to accidentally hit DPI button depending on grip
-Can be easy to accidentally hit Lift button depending on grip
-Grip slightly interferes with side buttons



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