Silver Dragon Laptop Mod

This was my first Laptop and my first laptop mod attempt, it came out pretty well, basically just a new paint job and case badge.. Not many pictures, but you can check it out anyway!

Ok, this was my first laptop and my first laptop mod.

The laptop is long since gone, sold to get a new one. It was a Dell Latitude C510 with a 1.2Ghz CPU, 20 GB hard drive etc… Nothing special, but at the time it worked!

Here are some pics that I have, I lost the other pics, I may have them somehwere, but I lost my hard drive a while back and lost everything I didn’t back up…

The pictures are self explanatory, just various views of the laptop…


left side/hddright side



Like I said not many pics, I have lots of cds to go through and they might be one there, but I don’t go into details on my lables so I have to explore each disc to find what’s on it, so check back and maybe I’ll have other pictures if I find them..