Technological Threats To SMBs And Why IT Support Can Help



Security issues should not be taken lightly especially in this age where everything is digitally connected. But because technology continues to evolve, it is not surprising that security breaches take place in large organizations. And if this can happen in large organizations, small and midsize businesses are at an even greater risk.


There is a greater challenge for SMBs when it comes to security issues. The main reason is because they view cyber attacks as not being a major risk to their business. Reports show that only a few SMBs conduct employee training on IT security. The lack of modern technology as well as the lack of security education will definitely affect SMBs and will become a big problem later if it will not be addressed.


Among the technological threats to SMBs include ransomware. This security threat already made its way among large businesses and organizations. With SMBs not investing in any IT security, IT practices, and reliable backups, this makes them vulnerable to this threat. And in the event that it happens, many SMBs will simply give in to the demand and pay the ransom just to put their business back on track. Phishing is also another threat that, although not anymore new, still causes a lot of unsuspecting victims to fall prey into its trap. Education can help reduce the risk of being phished. This is what SMBs need to look into and invest in if they want to improve their current IT security status.


The use of weak passwords can also become a culprit especially if the business does not have a system in place requiring their employees to regularly change passwords. Add in allowing users to access accounts via a shared password as well as having access to unsecured remote access tools. The threat of insider attacks is also something to be considered. SMBs need to evaluate the privileges of their users, checking against those who abuse their privileges and those who access sites that are off limits while at work. At the end of the day, it will all boil down to the lack of time in staying up to date with the latest technologies and the latest information on IT security.


This is where IT support such as the London IT support agency can help SMBs. With the security threats that are present in this digital world, it is always better to be prepared than to suffer the consequences later. IT support agencies can provide IT security advice to SMBs and even help point them in the right direction when it comes to IT security. These agencies also provide a variety of services aside from IT support such as project management, infrastructure development, consultation, and cloud computing.


Technology has indeed changed the way we do business, making it easier to reach a greater number of people in less time. And with a support team that is ready to assist you with your IT needs, you can be assured that connecting in a digital world is a lot safer, even for SMBs.