TerraWars NY Invasion Review


Aliens have invaded the world! Well actually it seems only New York City has been invaded, and you are a medical student in the National Guard who must fight them to save the world… Umm, Yeah, OK…. Well it sounds kind of hokey but then again if you think of most games out there these days all of their plots seem a bit out there. TerraWars NY Invasion is a first person shooter from TriSynergy and Lady Luck Digital Media that, despite the whole plot thing, actually has a few cool things going on with it like upgradeable weapons, cooperative play and of course multi-player online play as well. TerraWars isn't going to tax your graphics card either, you don't need a high end card and 2 gigs of memory to play it, so almost anyone can enjoy playing TerraWars NY Invasion. You'll have to continue reading to learn more about the game…


TerraWars NY Invasion

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio AkA Dracos

Sponsor: TriSynergy


Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:


Without warning, the world is overrun by an alien invasion. The Earth is in chaos.

You are John Armstrong, a medical student drafted in to the National Guard. On a critical mission that may help turn the tide, your team is wiped out. Now success depends on you.

Will you rise up to the challenge?


Realistic Environments

Explore a realistically modeled New York City in the aftermath of an alien Invasion.

Intense Combat

Fight against a wide variety of Invaders, from swarms of mindless Spawns to titanic Aspirants; each enemy type has its own unique weapons and tactics.

Upgradeable Weapons

Collect alien technology and exchange it for weapon upgrades.

Engrossing Storyline and Deep Game Play

Immerse yourself in a story of apocalyptic alien Invasion from two viewpoints: John Armstrong and, in the multi player game, a member of a Marine Squad.

Immensely Fun Cooperative Multi-player

Team up with your friends to take on challenges impossible for a single player to defeat.

You Are Not Alone

Intelligent allies guide you through the missions, and help you overcome overwhelming odds.

Runs well on diverse PC Configurations

New York Invasion has been tested on a variety of PC configurations. The game will deliver an enjoyable experience on machines ranging from top of the line gaming rigs to entry level notebooks.

Rated: TEEN for Violence.

Note: Game experience may change during online play.


Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP

CPU: P4 or equivalent

Memory: 256MB

Video card: 32MB Direct3D compatible card

Sound card: DirectSound compatible sound card

Disk space: 1.2GB


MSRP of $19.99

A Better Look at Things


For review I received the retail box of course, the art on the cover is very well done.

The back features more artwork and screen shots along with specs and features listed.

Opening the case we find just a CD, no manual and hey no advertisements either!

Popping the disc in it seemed to install fine on my main system which run Windows XP64, but trying to run it was a different story, wasn't happening, so had to install on a secondary system. My second setup is a Athlon64 3700+ based system with Nvidia 6100 graphics card built in, and I am using 2 gigs of memory for it as well, of course that has Windows XP32 on it, install worked fine on there.

Upon clicking the TerraWars icon on my desktop I was greeted with a couple intro screens for the publishers and creators, then I was led to the main screen with menu located at the bottom. We have the standard options here like found in most games.

Clicking the options button leads us to a few more choices for Display, Sound, Controls, Game, and Performance. One nice thing is that all the control are fully configurable, I just hate it when I can't configure my keyboard controls….

Choosing 'Display' we are led to another menu that gives us very few options to choose from, I was hoping this wasn't going to be all the options for the display for the game. We can choose from Resolution, Hardware Cursor, V Sync and Gamma.

Going back and choosing Sound, we can customize the way we want the various sounds in the game to be played, and we can change the qualities of the effects and the music as well, I guess this is for lower end systems.

Going back to the Options menu once again and choosing Performance, in this sub menu is where we find the 'real' display options, I'm not going to list all of them here, just click the picture to see what I mean.

Heading all the way back to the main menu if we choose Multiplayer, we find the options for Creating a game, Joining a game and Profiles, if you've played online games before you don't need any explanation of this stuff, and for those that haven't it's pretty much self-explanatory.

Testing and Gameplay:

Well we got through all that, let's start a game and see what is really going on here, after clicking Play Game we get to choose the Difficulty Level, there are four levels of play and I would suggest with Easy to start as the game can be a bit hard, you seem to die pretty easy…

After that we get to the see the load screen telling us we are headed to Battery Park.

Once it is finished loading we get to watch a short movie of you in a helicopter dropping off other soldiers who end up just being killed anyway. Before that though, you get to use the helicopter's machine gun and kill some aliens, then of course a large alien craft comes along and your fun ends.

After the crash, which you survived a helicopter crash, you start the game with a 9mm pistol and a knife, of course nicely placed in front of you is a health pack and a flak jacket, and some more ammo. The graphics so far aren't that bad, I have everything maxed and experienced no slow downs at all during any game play.

After walking around a bit we come to a door we need to open and Hello, Aliens for us to kill. The Aliens are reptilian and apparently use some sort of Bio Weapons that shoot these round balls of light at you, which can and will kill you.

Speaking of being killed, when you die the game tells you so and you get to start all over again, if you die in the first level you have to sit through the cinematic all over again as well, you can't abort it. It is wise to save the game as soon as you start to avoid this…

I mentioned the Aliens used Bio Weapons, well apparently when you kill them they leave a nice neat container of this Bio Matter stuff lying around for you to collect, after collecting it you can trade it for upgrades to your weapons.

Speaking of upgrades, the upgrade system is interesting, but expensive as the small amount of Bio Matter you collect really doesn't do much for you when you upgrade. All the weapons have various things they can upgrade but specifically on projectile weapons you can upgrade the Damage, Clip Size and Accuracy, I guess it all helps but it seems rather expensive to upgrade. I think I collected every container I could find and I only ended up with 90 Bio Matter, and to upgrade my Damage for the M4 it would cost me 75 Bio Matter…

here's a shot of a vending machine to give you an idea of the level of detail in the graphics, not much really and we can see very jagged lines instead of nice straight ones. The detail of the gun isn't bad but the overall environment detail is a bit lacking, I think this is justified by the fact the game is meant to be able to be played on most configurations. It still would have been nice to have the option to turn on more 'eye-candy' if your card can handle it….

There are character in the game that you will meet that will guide you along to certain objectives to advance to the next level. The overall feel of the environment is one of wartime and it is done well, from the dark red skies to the 'scorched earth' look of the ground.

On the next level you get to meet someone else, Lt. Amanda Lopez she is supposedly a solider as well, but I assume she lost her uniform somewhere, and she is about the best eye-candy you're going to see in TerraWars….

Priced at $19.95 TerraWars NY Invasion is well worth it really, don't expect cutting edge graphics, but the game play is actually not that bad. Even on a system with am onboard graphics card, and everything maxed out I experienced no slow downs at all during any game play, online or offline.

If you are looking for something that is very playable and is basically a kill all the aliens type of game then this is something for you. It does feature other weapons like grenades and sniper rifles to name a couple more and the idea that you can upgrade them is rather cool, it gives it an RPG feel, almost… Oh and the voice acting is pretty bad, almost funny actually….


In all I could give TerraWars NY Invasion a bad score, but I have to take into account that this isn't a cutting edge game and isn't meant to be. It's meant to be fun and honestly it is a lot of fun, there is a lot of action going on, and just enough of a storyline to keep you interested. The game can be difficult and tedious but with careful use of Save Game, you will be fine. The missions are interesting, and having the game set in New York City is kinda cool, you get to see what New York looks like after Aliens attack.

Being a budget priced game it is well worth the $19.95 price and you will get hours of play out of it in single player mode, and many more hours in online mode, and if you are looking for something out of the ordinary I can recommend you pick this up and give it a go.

DragonSteelMods gives TerraWars NY Invasion a 4 out of 5 score.



-Low price

-Smooth game play

-Interesting overall

-Made to run on all systems

-Multiplayer mode


-Not quite cutting edge graphics

-A bit hokey overall

'Nuff Said