The Top 5 Apps for iOS in 2018


We live in a time when smartphones have become a necessity. After all, these small and compact gadgets have similar functions of a personal computer and even more! Some can even work anywhere they want with just the use of smartphones. It has a lot of features and apps that are helpful to daily tasks. Speaking of which, there are apps that we use today ranging from games, social media, booking, and even apps that collates all the available deals and discounts you can take advantage. Today, Apple iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphones used by consumers and it has apps exclusive only to Apple users.

Here are the top five apps for iOS in 2018.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is still one of the most used mapping apps in the world. Both iOS and Android users are known to use this app every day, whether they are traveling or not. It is an important app for most people because it has features like public transit information, turn-by-turn navigation, and street view. You can even map regions offline. It’s easier to go around places anywhere you are in the world and you’ll have instant directions right at your fingertips. and the good thing about Google Maps now is that in April 2014, their privacy policy changed enabling Google to have a unified log in iOS apps which can now help in identifying any user’s interactions with each app.

2. Calm

Due to the fast-paced world we are in, a lot of us resort to finding means of relaxation and comfort in an instant. One of the best meditation app today that provides excellent guided sessions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced program levels. This app will let you try several breathing exercises, listen to soothing nature sounds, and listen to bedtime stories if you want to be relaxed before you sleep. Along with all of that, you can also set a reminder or an alarm so you will be reminded daily to practice mindfulness.

3. DealDash

If you are on the lookout for deals and discounts, DealDash is the perfect app for you to check on online auctions. You get to have a chance to get discounts up to 90% with appliances, electronics, and more. This iOS app will help you save a lot of money in buying new stuff for your home and even have a chance to get even more discounts for more appliances. It also guarantees free shipping. This iOS app definitely gives any shopper a chance to have fun and excitement when shopping for new things. You can easily download this app from this link:

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the top iOS apps for mobile photo editing. It allows you to enhance your photos with filters and user-friendly tools.

5. Spotify

Spotify has definitely changed the music scene all around the world. It’s free to use on desktop and mobile but costs an additional fee if you want to use the premium feature. You get to listen to thousands of music in a different genre and you can easily make your own set of a playlist.