The Top 5 Servers on the Market in 2017


If you are a business owner, you know that owning a server can be a great help to you as far as privacy and security of information goes. In addition to knowing that your information is safe and secure, having a server will also give you a plethora of storage space to keep all of your documents and client profiles. If you are in the market for a new server, this article will be helpful to you as we will identify the top servers on the market in 2017.


  1. IBM 8205 E6D ISERIES POWER7+ SERVER EPCR 8500-120000 CPW 8-16 CORE P20. This server is based on the Power7+ processor technology. Boasting 8 GB of memory, 4 port 1 Gbps Ethernet capability, 278 GB and 15K RPM. In addition this system can be used with a rack mount or by itself. Another great component is that it offers 8500-120000 CPW and 4.2 GHz. This model offers at least 2 disc drives with 8 slots. The unit configuration has a 5899 4-Port 1GBE Adapter, 1066 MHZ, EJ01 Storage backplane, a slimline DVD-RAM drive. To round out this amazing server, you will be able to take advantage of one operating system entitlement, enterprise entitlement, and one processor entitlement. This server offers a great deal of components and functionality, however it is an investment of around $20,000.


  1. IBM pSeries AIX Power8 Model 8286 42A EPXH 24-Core. This processor is fantastic for those who have a large business and needs a highly powerful server that can offer more than one disk drives, and has a highly powered enterprise operating system entitlements. This model offers 600 GB 15k RPM and 32 GB memory. In addition, it comes with a rack mount, 2-port 10/1GbE BaseT RJ45 Adapter, and 32BG to 1TB of storage. This model will require quite an investment and will last for many years.


  1. IBM iSeries Model 9406-520-0906 7736 1.9 GHz 3800-7100 CPW P10. This server is budget friendly for those who are not looking to spend a great deal of money. This item is the least expensive on the list, costing $5,000 and will last a great deal of time. This particular model offers 140 GB 15K RPM and 4GB Memory. Consumers speak highly of the DVD ROM, 2 Port 1 Gbps Ethernet, and 30GB 1/4In cartridge tape. Finally, to round out this server, you can have up to 2 disc drives that provide 1 GB to 32 GB of storage space.


  1. IBM Power7 pSeries AIX Model 8202 E4B 6-Core 8351. This middle of the road server is perfect for a medium size business that has a handful of employees who will need to store files and keep track of client information. This model will cost around $15,000 and offers 292 GB 15K RPM, 8 GB of memory, and comes with a rack mount but can also stand alone. If you need more than 8GB of memory, you can purchase up to 128 GB of space. This model offers a minimum of 2 disc drives and 6 slots. There is a storage backplane for 2.5 inch HDD or SSD/SATA DVD/Tape as well.


  1. 8284 21A iSeries Power8 Server 9,880 CPW 1-Core P0If you do not have much space in storage for your server, this model is small and sleek. Offering 2,264 GB 15K RPM, and 8GB memory, you cannot go wrong with this item. There is a 16 port 1 Gbps Ethernet and 1 system i Processor entitlement. It is important to note that this will need to be used with a rack mount only.