The Ultimate Slot Review: Land Casino vs. Online Casino



From all the games in the casino, the slot reins supreme. It might not have the prestige of poker, the style of roulette or the high energy of craps, but still, the slot is the undisputed king of the casino.

Did you know? 80% of all floor space in every casino in the world is devoted to slot machines.

Online casinos present the same reality: hundreds of slot games, a variety unparalleled by any other in the casino sphere.

There’s a very good reason for this sweeping popularity of the slot: it’s fun, it has no learning curve and anyone can win. This is important in order to understand the century-long success of slot machines: anyone, with no skill, can win real money within minutes!

So the question must be asked: where to play? Should you visit a real, brick-and-mortar casino and grab a seat in front of a physical slot machine, or should you simply go online and play at home?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of playing in a ‘real’ casino vs. an online casino.


Online casinos have a much wider selection of slot games than land casinos. Most land casinos, the big ones, in Vegas or Atlantic City, have dozens of slot machines on their floors. Online casinos on the other hand, offer hundreds of slots games for you to choose from, and the opportunity to expand your horizons and learn new things: do you know what is ‘spilleautomater online’? If you go to you’ll find out (it’s Danish for ‘online slots’.)

Chances of Winning Real Money

This is the most important issue, unless you are playing only for fun and don’t care at all about winning, or losing, money. But assuming that most of us Slot Spinners do care about winning real money, lets look at the chances.

The bottom line is: you have better chances of winning real money playing in an online casino, such as PrimeSlots. And don’t be mistaken by the eye-pooping jackpots, in the millions of dollars, that Vegas casinos offer – this is exactly so you’d think that you stand a better chance of winning real money there. Which isn’t true.

The most important factor in slot machines is the RTP ratio: Return to Player. This basically tells you what percentage of the money put into the machine is paid back in winnings to the players.

Land slot machines have an average of 85% RTP, while online slots have an average of 96% RTP. That’s a huge difference and it clearly shows that you stand to win more playing online slots.

It’s important to mention that the RTP isn’t per player, but per machine.

Quality of Games

For this, the play field is pretty leveled. In the last ten years or so the slot industry has made a huge leap forward. The slot games of today are no less impressive that any other computer games, whether they are in an actual casino or in a browser.

If when you hear the word “slot” you think of those ancient fruit machines with three reels and a handle you need to pull, you got a big surprise waiting for you. Today’s Slot Spinners review and enjoy slot games with high-res screens, 3D graphics and surround sound systems. They offer a full-blown experience, with tons of themes and crazy bonus rounds.

And the awesome thing is, this works for both online and off.

Comfort & Ease of Play

This depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. If you just feel like chilling in your shorts, go online and have a blast. If you want the more upscale experience, with drinks on the house and beautiful people all around you, so head for The Strip.

Both online and in land casinos slot machines are the easiest games to play. You don’t even need to walk around with a bucket of coins anymore, you can simply use your credit card.

Same goes for online – once you entered your credit card info, all you need to worry about it hitting that button.

Play Slots and Prosper! And Win Real Money Along the Way

So there you have it, all the info you need in order to decide whether to play online or in a brick-and-mortar casino. All in all, both experiences are rewarding and fun, but remember: if your main incentive in winning real money, you should definitely play online slots.