Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name


With new avenue opening in most of the existing fields and also a fleet of completely new avenues that have opened for the world with the upcoming digital age the world seems to have undergone an upgrade. The world has got the boon of a lot of creative minds through the medium of internet run blogs. But it becomes really difficult for the bloggers to make themselves visible as there are many more who are out there as competitors. While creating a blog is not so difficult, choosing the right name remains a tough task.

Take a look at some of the tips that you might need to select a good name for your domain.

  • Why do you need a perfect domain name right at the start?

There are different methods of selecting a domain name for your blog which suits you blog perfectly and can be shortlisted in a hassle freeway. One can use GoDaddy promo code and get assistance to register the right domain name. If you choose a domain name which is wrong and does not resonate your purpose it can be a tougher task to change it later. This also comes with a risk of compromising with the brand rankings and the position that the blog falls on the search results.

  • Take the .com way

Why the .com?

The .com almost comes naturally to a person’s mind when it comes to typing out a link. All the upcoming fancy domains which are no doubt gaining popularity lately but they still will be defeated when they are faced with the domain .com. the upcoming popular options are .net, .org, .co, .edu, .biz. There are even names like .shop and .blog which are being popular but they still feel a little weak when it comes to standing against .com. You can use GoDaddy promo code to procure any of these but the ones with .com are preferable.

What the statistics say?

About 47 % of the people instinctively enter .com when typing a domain name is what the statistics say.

What to do?

Check for the availability of the domain name that you desire with a .com ending. In case the one you want is not available try considering other options with the ending .com. one can also try to convince the owners who have the domain name that you desire but doing that can be an expensive way.

When to ditch the .com?

There are times when the .com domain may not suit to you. You can avoid the .com if your needs fall into these categories. If the website is more focused on gaining the local audience than for a global reach.

  • Keep it simple

What is simplicity here?

Keep the domain name short. The domain name should preferably be easy to type without weird accents and unnecessary double letters. It should be easy to pronounce. In this way the audiences can clearly remember the domain name and can access the blog. A long blog name can be confusing and harder to retain.

  • Keep it clever

How can your domain name be clear?

The clarity of the domain name is resonates with how well it captures the essence of the subject of the blog. Don’t get very fancy names for your domain simple is cleaver and appealing.

  • Give brand more importance than the Keywords

Name your domain after your brand and not the keyword that is trending. The trends keep changing and it won’t keep your brand trending for a long time in that case.

  • Do not let doubts drive you

When you are in doubt try considering names generated by a generator. There are various tools online that will assist one for this purpose.

  • Never use a domain name that contains hyphens

Why a no to hyphens?

The thing with hyphens is that they are usually found in domains that are a spam domains. So in this case, even if your domain is not a spam people may have tough time trusting it. Thus it is best to avoid a hyphen in the domain name to avoid giving a false and a negative impression about your blog.

Another problems with the hyphens.

Another problems that is associated with the hyphens is that it may confuse the visitors of your blog. It also makes you domain name prone to typo errors.

  • Wide spread

When you buy a domain name make sure it is available across various other platforms for expansion. With time, aim to procure your domain with various other extensions and also some commonly misspelled versions or alternates of the domain name. One thing that you can do with these various domains of the same name is that redirect the visitors to your name site page. This will no doubt cost you a bit more but this is where your GoDaddy coupon codes will help you save a few bucks.

  • Take care of the legalities.

When you buy a domain name for yourself make sure that it does not violate any trademark or comes with any infringement issues along with it.  One may argue that a domain name is not an intellectual property but it is always best to keep yourself and your brand from any possible legal issues in the future.

  • Survey and be open to suggestions

When it comes to choosing a domain name it is best to survey and take a proper judgment of what appeals to the audiences by taking their opinions into consideration. One can put up an online form or just ask peers about their thought about a particular domain name. Another way can be to directly ask a few of the audiences as to what they would like as a domain name for the particular subject. This will help to be on the same though waves with the audiences and also be easy for them to navigate online and find your website with ease.

  • Keep the aim of the website in mind.

There are specific domain extensions that are suited well and preferred when it comes to certain types of websites. If these extensions are used for the website the purpose and the intent of the website becomes clear.

What are some common extensions?

Some of the examples of the same are:

.co which is used as an abbreviation for websites related to commerce, company and community.

.net is used for internet infrastructure and technical sites.

.me is used for personal blogs, personal sites and resumes.

.biz is an extension that comes into use for business or commercial use as in case of e-commerce sites.

.info is an extension used for information based sites.


Finding a perfect domain name for your website can always be a tough task. Thus, it is necessary to do some research before you finalize what you actually want. After finalizing what you want make use of various GoDaddy promo code that will help you save while you also get your website. All the essential points that one needs to consider before choosing their domain name for website are put up in this blog for you to save time and confusion as to how to proceed with this tough task and make it easier for you.