TokyoFlash Intros Kisai Night Vision Wood


I’m not sure about a wooden watch, but meh, why not right? TokyoFlash is known for their eccentric watches for sure and an all wooden one is certainly unique. So the watch is wood and there are LEDs under the wood that show through to tell the time when you press the button. Price is $109 right now until May 8th.

kisai_night_vision_wood_led_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_01 kisai_night_vision_wood_led_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_02 kisai_night_vision_wood_led_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_03 kisai_night_vision_wood_led_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_04

Tokyoflash Japan has just released the new Kisai Night Vision Wood, a wood watch with a hidden display.
"The minimal appearance of Kisai Night Vision Wood will have people wondering why your watch has no hands. Press the button and all will be revealed. LEDs concealed beneath the wood surface will shine through to display the time. Easy to read at a glance, the watch has time & date functions, an alarm and a light-up animation. Choose from dark sandalwood or maple wood with blue, red or green LEDs."
Kisai Night Vision Wood is available at the special release price of $109 (€79, £65) until Thursday May 8th at 11am Japan time.
there is a video demo here on our YouTube channel.