TokyoFlash Intros Special Edition Kisai Upload Wood Watch


Now here’s a nice looking watch. TokyoFlah is known for making nice but odd looking watches that might be hard to read for some but this one is very easy to read, just tilt it slightly and you can read it. The watch also has built-in USB storage with a microUSB card inside of the watch. Price is $89 for a limited time.


kisai_upload_wood_from_tokyoflash_japan_09 kisai_upload_wood_from_tokyoflash_japan_02 kisai_upload_wood_from_tokyoflash_japan_05 


Tokyoflash Japan has just released a special edition wood version of the Kisai Upload Watch.

Kisai Upload Wood has USB memory in the form of a MicroSD card so you can securely store data on your wrist and transfer it to and from your computer. The watch has date, alarm, LED backlighting and comes in two limited edition natural wood colors, maple with gold stainless steel & natural LCD and sandalwood with silver stainless steel & blue LCD.
Kisai Upload Wood is available at the special release price of $89 (€67, £57) until Thursday March 6th at 11:00am Japan time.
there is a video demo here on our YouTube channel.