Top 5 Voice Tech Apps

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As more and more people are making use of their smartphones to conduct a variety of tasks, voice technology apps have become very useful and extremely popular. By using these apps, one can easily control their smartphone and can instantly dictate and send emails, conduct purchases, access maps and much more. There have been some amazing apps that have been developed to cater to those using voice technology and the best free and paid-for Android apps are easy to access and very beneficial for those on the go. Many of the voice tech apps are also available for use on iOS devices, making these types of apps top choices for anyone that makes use of their smartphone on a daily basis.


Leading Voice Apps for Android

While most people will be familiar with Siri for iOS, there are also some great apps that can be used on Android devices to voice control their phones and conduct different tasks and chores. With this impressive list, one can discover amazing voice tech apps that can easily be used on a variety of Android devices, making daily chores and online tasks much simpler and faster.

· Google Now is one of the top app choices and with this, users can act as a virtual assistance. It is the best Android version of Siri and offers setting reminders, answers to basic questions and will even surface information before users request it.

· Jarvis is another great voice tech app that is available in Android devices. With the free version, English is the only supported languages, so if users need another language they will have to pay for the app. Jarvis offers an attractive interface and is a great virtual assistant.

· Dragon Mobile Assistant is probably the closest thing to Siri, offering the ability to perform the most complex tasks. This app has many powerful features and can offer basic answers, can send email and can even perform calculations.

· Eva Free is a nice app, though it is not as powerful as the others mentioned. With Eva, users can mark calendars, set alarms, make calls, send SMS messages, check email and more. This app works well with Google+.

· Skyvi is one of the easiest apps to use for Android users and it offers a simple interface. It has many of the same features of Siri, but it is not capable of performing intricate tasks.


Strategies for Mobile App Monetization

As voice tech apps continue to remain popular choices, many developers will strive to create newer apps that offer more features. The success of these apps lies with mobile app monetization strategies, which are required to deliver the app to target audiences and increase the chances of the app being accessed and used regularly. With app monetization strategies, app developers can launch new voice tech apps using the needed tools and marketing materials necessary for almost instant success.


When developing the monetization strategy, there are key components that need to be addresses. One must plan to appeal to the target audience and their objectives and will also have to set revenue goals for the newly designed app. By knowing what audience to target and how much one wishes to generate, they can develop a marketing plan that will incorporate their strategy and begin promoting the app to those target users.