USB Ultra Slim Bluetooth Chip Review

Summary and Comments

In all I couldn’t find any problems with the Brando USB Bluetooth Chip (Ultra-slim), my experiences with Bluetooth have shown me that compared to others I have this one is actually very good. The range and performance are excellent and meet or exceed others. The portability and durability of the Brando USB Bluetooth Chip (Ultra-slim) are major pluses for any device such as this. The Brando USB Bluetooth Chip (Ultra-slim) met and exceeded my expectations of performance and range, this product is an excellent value for what you get.

DragonSteelMods gives the Brando USB Bluetooth Chip (Ultra-slim) a 5 out of 5 score.


  • -Low price
  • -Long range
  • -Good performance
  • -Durable and portable


  • -None