VaporCorp Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar Review

VaporCorp Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar Review


I’m a smoker, yeah I know it’s bad for
me and everyone else, blah, blah blah, I don’t want to hear about.
It’s the only vice I have, I don’t drink or do anything else and I
enjoy it. I smoke cigarettes regularly and every one in a while I
enjoy a cigar too. I’ve been wanting to try the new electronic
cigarettes and when I got the chance to review them of course I said
yes. I received both cigarettes and cigars for review actually. Today
for review I’ve got the Electronic Cigar or e-cigar from VaporCorp /
Smoke51. I can say it’s certainly a unique experience that takes a
bit to get accustomed to, but it’s not bad overall.



Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: VaporCorp / Smoke51


Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar

Electronic Disposable Cigar

Looking for a second-hand smoke
free experience in the form of a cigar? Our tobacco-free Fifty-One
electronic cigar has no tar, no carbon monoxide and no second-hand

Enjoy your cigar smoking
experience virtually anywhere. This revolutionary disposable
electronic cigar offers a safer, healthier environment for you and
the non-smoking community. No second-hand smoke, no tar, no carbon
monoxide – just the nicotine! And, as the Fifty-One electronic cigar
is completely free of tobacco, this product does not contain the
thousands of toxins typically found in tobacco products.

-Up to 600 Puffs from one

Price: $49.95

Better Look at Things:

The VaproCorp / Smoke51 Electronic
Cigar comes in a very nice little box.

When you take it out of the box
you’ll find the cigar has two soft plastic of silicone covers on the

It does really look like a cigar,
it has a faux tobacco leaf covering on the outside that looks and
feels like the real thing, almost.

On the back end you’ll find a
small hole, this is where you inhale from.

On the front end you’ll see a
semi-clear plastic ‘ash’ that lights up green when you inhale.

and Comparison:

Well the only real comparison
would be putting it up against a real cigar right?

The size is certainly different,
it’s quite a bit smaller than a regular cigar is. Cigars though do
come in many different sizes.

When you puff a green LED lights
up on the ‘hot’ end. Green is odd for the color, I would have much
preferred red as it would have been more realistic looking. Then
again though, with a green LED, people will most certainly know
you’re not smoking areal cigar.

Puffing on the eCigar is basically
like the real thing, you just inhale and the sensor senses this and
starts to vaporize the nicotine into a smoke like vapor. A harder
puff or drag will yield more vapor or visible smoke when you exhale.
It is different than a real cigar in that it’s harder to inhale, not
much though, but it will take a few puffs to get accustomed to it and
how it works exactly. Once you puff a few times you’ll get the hang
of it and figure it out.

As far as taste is concerned,
there is actually a slight cigar taste to it, but not much really.
Nowhere near what you’d get from a real cigar. Guess you could call
it very mild flavoring, it’s not bad though, it tastes good.

Battery life seems fine. I don’t
smoke cigars like I do cigarettes, they’re more of a once in a while
things for me. I’ve probably got a couple hundred puffs in so far,
and the company clams up to 600 puffs. I could see getting close to
that, but it all depends on what your definition and their definition
of a puff is though as to how many you’ll actually get out of it.

and Comments:

The electronic cigar is certainly
a unique experience. It’s like a cigar yes, but then again it’s not.
Gone is the smoke, it’s been replaced with water vapor so it’s got to
be somewhat better for you.

It does lightly taste like a
cigar, and it’s pretty good tasting. It’s very light though and those
who like the taste of cigars will be disappointed in that aspect. The
main attraction of a cigar is the taste I think and with an e-cigar
you’re not getting much taste at all.

Overall it’s not bad, but I don’t
know many people that would replace a traditional cigar with an
electronic one though. The thing about cigars is the taste and
there’s not much of it here.

The price is $50 for one
electronic cigar that offers up to 600 puffs, and some might think
that’s expensive, but it’s all relative. If you’re paying $5 each for
regular cigars, then that would be ten of them right? I did a bit a
searching and found the average number of puffs from a standard sized
cigar is about 60, but again that all depends on the size in length
and width of the cigar. There is no real average number of puffs for
a cigar that I could find since there’s so many different sizes and
thicknesses of them out there. I guess you’d actually have to sit
down and count puffs you take to figure out the cost per puff and if
it’s worth it or not.

DragonSteelMods gives the
VaporCorp Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar a 4 out of 5 score.


+Actually has cigar taste

+Last a long time

+Quite a bit of “smoke”

+Resembles the real thing

+Seems well made

+Decent battery life


-Rather expensive

-Very light cigar taste

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